Most Men Can’t Deal with a Woman That Has 7 Specific Personality Traits?

Most Men Can't Deal with a Woman That Has 7 Specific Personality Traits

What makes a woman strong? Well, her struggles, selflessness, and sacrifices make her undefeatable. A truly strong woman always finds a way to endure the pain and overcome every obstacle by allowing herself to forgive.

A strong woman has swum in all those treacherous and deep waters and tried to hold her breath for as long it was possible. This type of woman is truly independent, self-sufficient, loving, and never shows her weak side and fears.

If you fit this description, you should know you are someone incredibly special. People are privileged to get to know you and be friends with you. You still may be learning from life, but you are the most experienced person out there.

The problem is that some men fail to understand your feelings. So, how can you – a strong and independent woman keep a man? This might help you. Here are the things most men can’t handle in an independent and strong woman.

1. She Doesn’t Need a Man to Protect Her

A strong woman never needs a man to fight for her. But, to feel wanted, a man usually wants to feel needed. Instead of battling for your love and affection, he battles to show his strengths. Well, a strong and independent woman doesn’t care how strong her man is.

In fact, she loves him for who he is, and she can protect herself on her own. Also, she is willing to fight for everyone, even her boyfriend. If she has a problem she can’t deal with, she will find a way to overcome it on her own.

She doesn’t need anyone else to fight for her. Well, that is the problem with some men. They simply can’t handle when a woman shows her strength. If you are in such a relationship, it is best to set boundaries.

There is no way you would settle for someone dictating your life.

2. She Knows What She Wants

When there is something you want to obtain, you know exactly what you should do to take it. But, the road to achieving it, is never easy. That is why a strong woman knows what she wants, but a stronger woman will do everything to get it.

If you like someone, you will immediately go after him. This is what makes you strong, but immensely difficult for some men.

When you make the first move, some men might feel inferior. Since they are never submissive, rarely any men would accept to be in a relationship where the self-confident woman would be the leader and protector of the household.

3. She Wants Honesty

It is difficult for most men to open up and be honest about their feelings. But, a strong woman will never take ‘’no’’ for an answer. For the relationship to work, a strong woman knows that she has to have a stable and reliable conversation with her partner.

This is the only way they know how they can navigate their relationship. Also, strong women never fear their past. What happened in the past should remain buried. That is why they hate men who are vulnerable and can’t take good care of themselves.

4. She Is Not Intimated By Intimacy

You can challenge a man in the strangest ways. You may even ask for intimacy in different forms. That is what makes you so unique. After all, you are comfortable with your own body.

5. She Can See Through Lies

You are an incredibly honest person, which is why you expect the same honesty in return. You can sense lies from a mile away. But, being a true lie detector can be extremely unacceptable for some men.

They simply can’t take it when they can’t hide what they really want to keep secret.

6. She Is Intense

You are incredibly enduring. In other words, you are strong for a reason. Those darkest moments in your life have thought you so much. That is why you won’t let anyone stand in your way. Well, for some men this can be difficult to understand.

7. She Will Never Wait for Anyone

You are the type of woman who values commitment. So, if you decide to be with someone, he is either in or out of the relationship. Whatever you may face, you will get back up and keep going.