An Open Letter to All the Single People Around the World

An Open Letter to All the Single People Around the World

To all the single people out there,
It is absolutely fine to be single. It may not look like it, but it is. There is nothing wrong with not having a partner.

Just because everyone else around us is married, doesn’t mean we have to be too.

Let’s start with a few questions that will make us think. Have you been in a terrible relationship? Was your heart broken into a million pieces? How happy are you now that you are single? Well, it is important that you learn from the terrible experiences.

Don’t repeat the same mistakes. Of course, many people will keep asking you ‘’why are you still single’’, ‘’don’t you have anyone you like’’, and every time you have to come up with excuses as to why you aren’t dating a single person.

Why do you always have to look for the right excuse? You are happy now that you are single, aren’t you? The one thing that you should take care of right now is yourself. Learn to love yourself and take good care of yourself.

If you can’t do that simple thing how can you love someone else? So, go ahead and take your time. Learn to dedicate some time to yourself and to your needs. This way you will eventually learn to love the people around you.

It will be a lot easier when you won’t have the need to look after yourself. Other people will claim that you are weak just because you are single. But, that is not true. Being single doesn’t necessarily mean that you are weak.

On the contrary, it means that you are stronger and prepared to wait for the right person. You would rather wait for true love than be hurt by some heartless person. We know that people think you are weak, but you are not.

Prove to those people that you are ready to take on the world and improve yourself. You are capable of standing on your own. You don’t need help with anything. That is what makes you special. You will wait for true love.

Someone who will appreciate and respect you. If you have been single for a long time, it means that you are ready to overcome all the challenges life has in store for you. You are ready to take on the world, and you don’t need anyone else to slow you down.

Of course, you might want to have someone who you can share the beauty of life with, but wanting and needing someone are two completely different things. If you are looking for love, know that the right one is out there.

You just have to be patient to meet them. It may sound sad, but don’t be desperate. You can’t force love. What you can do, however, is be happy with yourself. Anyone who says otherwise hasn’t felt true love.

So, hold out for the right person and wait. In the end, it will be absolutely worth it. True love is irreplaceable. It’s a marvelous reward we all need to enjoy life. But, for now, be proud of who you are and what you achieved in life.

Don’t let society discourage you. You are your own person, and you should do the things that make you happy.