5 Things about Dogs We Thought Were True (But Really Aren’t)

5 Things about Dogs You Thought Were True (But Really Aren't)

Most of us are aware that humans and dogs have a special connection over thousands of years. In almost every household there is a dog, and dogs seem to be everywhere nowadays.

As a matter of fact, that bond has never had so much attention when it comes to books, media, and articles. Yes, on a daily basis there are many articles about the human-dog relationship and the behavior of dogs.

That only means that we have a lot to learn about dogs and their behavior. Due to the many myths, we get confused about them and how to behave in certain situations. Well, the well-known scientist Marc Bekoff busted a few myths in his new book.

In his book, he takes stock of the scientific knowledge about dog emotion, behavior, and cognition. Mark lays out what we don’t know about dogs. Intrigued? Read on to find out more.

5 Misconceptions About Dogs and Their Behavior

#1 Dogs Feel Guilty When They Eat Our Shoes

According to him, dogs do feel quilt, but for this, there is a need for some extra research. It is said that people cannot know when a dog is feeling guilty, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they do not feel guilty.

#2 Dogs Live Only in the Present

It is believed that dogs only live in the present and that they don’t plan things or remember the past. But according to Mark, this isn’t true.

It is said that dogs actually plan and anticipate for the future, and they also have memories and thoughts when it comes to the past.

People who have a dog that they have rescued from a neglectful and abusive home, know that trauma leaves a mark on dogs.

#3 Dogs Do Not Display Dominance

Mark says that ‘dominance‘ the word itself has become a flashpoint in the world of dog training and dogs, due to the perpetuation of invalid info.

He believes that all animals display dominance because that is actually the fundamental aspect of social behavior. However, some people aren’t comfortable with the idea of dominance in dogs.

One well-known myth is that dogs display dominance and people need to dominate them just to control them.

Some people think that dominance is the same as bullying and aggression. Therefore to dominate the dog, you need to hit or throw the dog at the ground. Understand that not only is this ineffective but it also cruel.

Mark believes that training methods that rely on punishment, intimidation, and fear are unethical, unnecessary, and scientifically ungrounded.

#4 Dogs Love People Unconditionally

This is a myth since people believe that dogs love people no matter who they are, how poorly they treat them, or what these people do to them. As a matter of fact, dogs have conditions for their love, the same way we do for ours.

#5 Don’t Hug a Dog

People believe that you should never under any circumstances hug a dog since dogs feel uncomfortable and that is why they will bite you.

The truth is that they are dogs that don’t prefer to be hugged, the same as some people. Therefore you need to respect their personal space, remember there are other ways to show your affections.

There are also dogs who liked to be hugged. There is nothing about dogs that we can generalize. You need to know the dog well, in order to hug it. We are talking about dogs that like to be hugged.

So, how much do you know about dogs? What makes your dog special? What do you believe in?