Respect Parents in Their Old Age – Heart Touching Story

A Heart-Warming Story: Respect Your Parents

One day an old man who had 80 years was sitting on his sofa with his son of 45. His son had a high education. All of a sudden, one crow came to the window of the house. The old man asked his son “What is that, son?”

His son answered, “It is a crow.” Several minutes later, the father asked the same questions. His son replied “Dad, I have already given the answer. It is a crow.” Then, again, the father asked the same question.

At that moment, the son answered “It is a crow. A crow.” There was an irritation in his tone of voice. But, after a while, the old man asked for the fourth time “What is that?”

And, now the son used a high voice to say to his dad “Even though I have already given you an answer you keep asking me. Why? It is a CROW. Why is it so hard to understand?” After a while, the father got up and went to his room.

And, when he came back, he brought one old notebook. He used this notebook as a diary since the birth of his son. He opened the first page and gave the diary to his son to read it.

There was written the following text: “Today, me and my son were sitting on our sofa. A crow showed up to the window. My little son asked “What is this?” and repeated the same question for 23 times. I gave him an answer each of the times.

After every question, I gave him a hug. I was not feeling annoyance, but affection towards my little child.” Yes, that is right. The father did not feel irritation from 23 same questions, but the son got angry after 4 questions.

The conclusion we can get from this story is that we need to respect and love our parents. As we can see, they have taken care of us since the very first day we came into this world. You should like seeing your parents happy and satisfied.

They have always shown their love to you. Your parents were never selfish, and they always did what was best for you. You should use kind and respectful words when you are talking to them. Express patience no matter how they behave. Be grateful you have them.