Why We Should Never Take Our Real Friends for Granted

Why We Should Never Take Our Real Friends for Granted

Who can say they have a friend who will help them if they call them right now? A friend who will be their shoulder to cry or a party buddy whenever they need them? As we grow old, we realize that some people we’ve considered as friends are not what we thought they were.

They slowly become our acquaintances, someone to see now and then just to keep the connection.

You realize that your circle of friends has become smaller than a few years ago. And, that’s perfectly normal. In fact, that’s what happens to most people.

You realize that you can’t talk about random stuff and be stupid with everyone. You realize that not every friend of yours will stand beside you through thick and thin.

You may have a lot of acquaintances or people that will hang out with you now and then, but it doesn’t mean that they are all your friends.

A friend is someone who is willing to take you the way you are. Someone that knows and accepts your flaws and virtues. Someone you can call in the middle of the night to share the exciting news. Someone you can call whenever you need advice.

Someone who’s not jealous of your successes, and someone who encourages you to take the necessary step to fulfill your dream. Someone who is always honest with you, no matter if the truth will hurt you at that point.

Someone who will tell you if you’re doing something wrong just to prevent you from being hurt or messed up in the future. Someone that brightens your day even if you spend 10 minutes with them.

Since not everyone can possess these traits, not everyone can be your true friend. And, you get to realize the values of a true friend with time. That’s why it’s ok to lose some “friends” in the process.

Either you’ll be the one to walk away from them, or they form you. Sometimes, a friend you want to keep will drift away from you, and that’s also normal. You may not be “the friend” to them, although they are to you.

So, you should accept when someone walks away from you too. Eventually, you’ll be surrounded by true friends, no matter if that’s one of five. And, you’ll appreciate them even more.

Appreciate your friends and be thankful to have them in your life. Thank them for accepting and loving the person you are. Thank them for never making you feel you have to change yourself to fit into the group.

Thank them for accepting your flaws and being blunt with you. Thank them for growing with you and shaping you into the person you are today. Thank them for every memory which you have.

Thank them for slapping you with the hardest truth when necessary for your own good. Then them for being themselves!

Who knows, maybe without them you wouldn’t be this happy. Maybe you wouldn’t be brave or strong enough to withstand all the storms in life. Maybe you would have been hiding behind a mask.

Never take your real friends for granted! And, never forget that you should also be a friend to them!