It’s Time to See The Great Freedom That Comes with Aging

You Can Finally See The Great Freedom That Comes with Aging!

Old age is a gift. We finally know who we are, and what our values are. And, we love ourselves for the first time. It isn’t about our bodies. In fact, sometimes we’re unhappy when looking at our baggy eyes, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

We even find ourselves startled when we see our mother when looking in the mirror. But, we don’t worry about such things for too long. Aging has helped us realize that look is not as important as we once thought.

You’d never trade your wonderful family, loyal friends, and amazing life for fewer pounds or wrinkles. Aging has helped you to accept yourself and become your own best friend. You’re now less critical, but more kind to yourself.

You no longer get frustrated or angry for eating an extra piece of cake, or for not sweeping the floor, or for buying that shiny clutch bag that you know you’ll probably never wear. You feel entitled to enjoy, to be messy, to be privileged.

So many people dear to you have left this world too soon and didn’t have the privilege to feel all the good things that come with aging.

You no longer care what people might say if you sleep until noon or play on the computer until 5 AM. You play your favorite songs from the 60s and 70s as loud as your speakers allow, and dance like no one is watching.

Sometimes, you cry when a song reminds you of lost love, and you know that’s okay.

You don’t care when teenagers look at your bulging body when you go to the beach wearing your favorite swimsuit that reveals your sagging breasts and big stomach. You know they too will get old.

Sometimes you forget to do some stuff, but you know it’s perfectly reasonable to be forgetful. Plus, you remember the important things, so nothing to worry about.

Over the years, you had your heart broken so many times you stopped counting. But, you know that it just breaks when you see your child suffers, when you lose a loved one, or when your love is unrequited.

A broken heart is what made you strong, compassionate, and understanding. You know that if your heart wasn’t broken so many times, and if you hadn’t gone through all those difficulties in life, you wouldn’t have become the person you are today.

You could never imagine that being imperfect is one of life’s joys, but you realized that only when you got old.

You are so grateful for being given a chance to live life long enough to get wrinkles and gray hair. You know they represent your youthful laughs and worries. They mean that you have lived, you have felt, and you have experienced!

Just when you think about all those people who didn’t have the time to laugh and worry enough to develop wrinkles makes you even more grateful for the life you have. All those people who died too early and never get the chance to experience aging and everything that comes with it.

Aging made you more positive.

It helped you stop questioning yourself and care less about other people’s opinions. It even teaches you that mistakes help you learn something new and grow as a person. You know now that you have the right to be wrong.

Therefore, you like being old and the person that you’ve become. It set you free. You’re not going to live forever so you no longer waste your time on things you can’t change or can’t predict. You finally live in the moment.

And, you shall drink mojito every day (If you feel like it.)