6 Ways to Find Out If We Know the Real Values in Life

6 Ways to Find Out If We Know the Real Values in Life

What are our values in life? It’s us who make the decision which can either take us to the path to fulfillment, or the opposite. Values are the things we consider to be important in life, like wisdom, achievement, innovation, kindness, adventure, or professionalism.

They lead us throughout life, day by day, year by year, fundamentally shaping our character and trajectory of life. Our personal values help us persist through difficulties and give our life direction. They are a constant motivation to move forward.

But, how to know if you’re focused on the right things? How to know if you know what truly matters?

Here are several ways to find out if you have some of the most important values in life.

6 Signs You Have the Most Important Values in Life

1. You Are Grateful for What You Have and Don’t Measure If You Have More or Less Than Others

This is one of the best values in life that makes you truly happy and satisfied. If you always compare yourself and the things you have to others, you’ll find that you don’t have everything – which is really okay.

No one can be perfect and have everything one desires. A person with values appreciates the things they have and enjoys the moment. On the other hand, someone who always wants more can’t realize what they already have.

Thus, they can’t enjoy the present. They only focus on earning and gaining more in the future, while ignoring the present. And, that prevents them from being genuinely happy in life.

2. You Know Who Your Heroes Are

You choose who you will admire, and with that, you accept their best values. Think about the people in your life that stand for something you admire. Is it your mother who is always ready to help you and encourage you to pursue your dreams?

Or, your sister who was always an independent person who achieves everything she desires without anyone’s help? Think about it, and if you know your heroes, it means you know what matters in life.

3. You Know Your Happiest Moments

Can you list the best moments of your life? Now, think about what makes those moments so special. Unpack your experience, and you’ll remember something valuable that can help you when you most need it.

4. You Know Your Greatest Pain

Knowing what hurts you the most reveals what you care about in life. For example, if you were deeply hurt when someone lied to you, it means you care about honesty.

If you were shocked by someone’s disloyalty, it means you care about commitment and loyalty. To not be hurt when someone betrays you, you first have to forget what love means to you.

5. What You’ll Do When No One Is Watching

Would you help someone if you know that no one will ever find out about it? Think about something that you really care about and whether you’ll anyway do it even if no one sees you. Once you know the answer to this question, you’ll know what your actual values are.

6. You Can List the Things That Matter in Your Life in Only a Few Minutes

Think about what truly matters in life and write it down. Then, think about why those things are important to you, and what would happen if you ever forget them. Being able to do this in ten or so minutes means you know your values.

Your values are your teacher that guides you through life. Choose wisely and you’ll live a happy, successful, and meaningful life! Think about them more often and never forget them!