Fathers Have Enormous Impact on Their Daughters’ Lives?

Fathers Have Enormous Impact on Their Daughters' Lives, Science Says

When it comes to family, not many people really understand how special and important the bond between a daughter and a father is. Well, recently one research confirmed that that bond is very important for the healthy development of the daughter.

Yes, it is said that daughters not only gain from having a fatherly figure involved in their life but those fathers who are present and emotionally involved in the lives of their daughters are crucial for their proper emotional development.

Why Fathers Matter Emotionally

According to the study daughters who have good relationships with their dads are actually at lower risk of developing anxiety and depression. And that is not all they are better at dealing with stress.

Moreover, daughters close to their dads are more comfortable when it comes to talking about their feelings. This lets them be ready for their fulfilling relationships later on.

Additional things that fathers shape for their own daughters are self-image, relationships, and values.

Once a father creates a healthy bond with his own daughter, basically what he does is that he helps boost her self-confidence and helps her make a positive self-image.

Why Fathers Matter Practically

Besides the emotional factor, dads have a significant role when it comes to the financial and physical health of their daughters.

It is said that those daughters who have a more involved father figure in their childhood were actually more likely to be well-off physically and financially healthier. This is in comparison to those daughters who had absent or uninvolved fathers.

Usually, dads are perceived as a symbol of financial stability. That in combination with the emotional and physical well-being leads to a financially established and successful daughter.

Involved from The Very Beginning

Dads who are part of their daughter’s lives from the very start and whose relationship is stronger are actually able to reap and give the benefits we previously talked about.

You see, earlier involvement is a new concept. Why? Because a few decades ago dads could not even be present when their daughters were born.

Nowadays, there are many different opportunities for dads to be part of the very beginning. Dads can rock their daughters to sleep; they can feed them using the formula, they can change their diapers, and so on.

This allows them to create a special relationship from the very beginning.

The Influence of the Media

Now dads can get involved from the beginning, but the media for some reason what’s to hold on to the old-fashioned image. This negative influence from the media shows dads as idiots who do not know what their baby wants or needs.

These poor portrayals and stereotypes shouldn’t be followed. They should be dismissed as failed attempts at satire and comedy.

The Role of the Mothers

However, this doesn’t mean that mothers aren’t crucial for the healthy development of their daughters. Moms always give valuable advice about what it means to be a good, successful woman, and so on.