9 Plants That Protect Us from Mosquitoes

No matter how much we love sitting outside on the cool summer nights, we may change our minds because of the annoying mosquitoes. The other option is to cover ourselves from head to toe to keep these bloodsuckers away from us.

But, that will surely make the weather less enjoyable, right?

However, there’s a simpler solution to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, as well as repel them from us and our home. All we have to do is grow certain plants in our yard and watch the mosquitoes disappear.

Besides being natural mosquito repellants, these plants look pretty as well. So, here’s how to prepare ourselves for enjoying the warm summer days without mosquitoes.

Make sure to  keep some of the following plants in the yard:

1. Lavender

We may love the pleasant scent of lavender flowers, but mosquitoes hate it. Besides mosquitos, lavender repels flies, and fleas as well. So, plant it in your garden or keep dry lavender in your clothes drawer. (1)

2. Garlic

It seems we agree with mosquitoes on this one. The strong smell of garlic is repellant to both, people and mosquitoes. So, keep one or two pots with garlic around your outdoor sitting area, or plant it in your garden.

In that way, you’ll always have a fresh supply for cooking.

3. Lemon Balm

This plant will keep mosquitoes away from your garden, at the same time attracting good ones like bees and butterflies. To keep them away from you, squeeze a few lemon balm leaves and apply the oil to your body.

One thing to consider is that lemon balm is an invasive plant, so keep an eye on it to prevent it from taking over your garden. (2)

4. Peppermint

The mint scent is unpopular among mosquitoes, ants, creepy-crawler insects, and mice. So, plant some peppermint to make your garden smell even better and fresher, at the same time repelling these uninvited guests. (3)

5. Marigolds

This beautiful flower is a wonderful addition to any garden and outdoor space. But the oils it contains can keep mosquitoes away for several hours. Other bugs that don’t like the scent of marigolds are tomato hornworms, squash bugs, and Mexican bean beetles. (4)

6. Rosemary

Rosemary is an ideal plant for hotter climates. The strong scent is unpopular among moths, mosquitoes, and flies. Besides growing it in a pot, you can also use it as a decorative border. Plus, you can use it to season your meals.

7. Basil

Mosquitoes hate the strong scent of basil. So, plant it in pots near your sitting area, but make sure it has lots of water, sunlight, and drainage.

8. Geranium

This beautiful flower will certainly add color to your garden. But, it will also protect you from mosquito bites this summer thanks to its light lemon scent which is repellant to these annoying insects.

You can grow it in pots. Keep in mind that geranium thrives in warm weather. (5)

9. Lemongrass

This plant contains the natural oil citronella which repels mosquitoes. So, plant it in your garden to make it mosquito-free all summer long. (6)