What to Do When Everything Goes Wrong

What to Do When Everything Goes Wrong

We have all had a period in our life when it seems there’s nothing but problems. It could’ve been days, weeks, months, or even years when issues threaten to knock us down and prevent us from moving forward.

That tough period can come suddenly when we least expect it, blindsiding us and making us wonder how can we not see it coming. So, we could start even blaming ourselves which only worsens our situation.

It’s definitely not easy to handle it, but you can find a better way to make it through.

It’s not important how it happened and whether you see it coming or not, but the fact that you can keep it together and emerge from this tough period is much stronger and wiser.

So, if you are experiencing such a period in your life right now, remember the following things:

Things to Remember

1. Pain Helps You Grow

No one likes to feel pain, but it still happens from time to time. And, it’s not here as a sign of failure. Pain comes with a purpose – to remind you that you should always move forward and leave tough experiences in the past.

It may hurt, but it is also changing you along the way. It helps you grow as a person and become stronger. The bottom line is you have to ask yourself what each pain has thought you about life.

2. Nothing is Permanent

Your pain won’t last forever as anything in this life is permanent. Just like there’s light after darkness, and sun after the rain, there’s also healing after pain.

So, you may struggle with some problem, but you must find a way to smile, knowing that the problem will be solved sooner or later.

3. Your Worrying Won’t Change Anything

You can be obsessed with your problems and turn your back to the positive things in your life, but that won’t change anything. If you complain all the time and not appreciate the good things in your life, you’ll only become more miserable, and your problems will only increase.

Instead, be grateful for the things and people you have, as well as for the problems you don’t have. So, focus on the things you can control and improve your situation with every resource you have, instead of complaining and fretting.

4. Proud of Your Scars

Sometimes scars symbolize one’s inner strength. When you have one, remember that the wound has closed and it’s time to move on. Move forward with a lesson learned that you would be proud of.

Don’t feel paralyzed because of your scars, and don’t be afraid that you’ll gain more in the future. To endure pain means to become stronger and prepared for everything that life throws at you.

5. A Struggle is a Step Forward

Being patient means remaining positive while working hard to fulfill your goals and dreams. Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to achieve great things, and this could lead to new challenges. You might bump into obstacles on the road to success, but you have to be determined to succeed until you reach your final destination.

6. Don’t Blame Yourself for Other’s Negativity

A lot of people around you may be bitter, jealous, and negative, but it’s not your fault. You shouldn’t let them affect you or use you for their own personal issues.

Be who you are, or change but only to become better and more positive. You can’t make everyone happy, so stop trying. Spend your life with those who make you smile and support you.

7. If It’s Meant to Be, It’ll Be

You can’t force some things to change. You’ll only become more miserable and desperate if you do. Sometimes you have to go through a tough period to experience enlightenment. So, enjoy the unpredictable way your life will unfold. Even if it’s not in the direction you planned to be, it will take you to the place you need to go.

8. Never Give Up

Don’t give up even in the moments you think there’s no way out of the problems you are dealing with. Get right back up and do something! That could be trying to find new love, a new job, or even a new career. Hold on to your dreams and don’t let the sadness of your past interfere with the happiness of your future.

Dos and Don’ts When Everything Goes Wrong


Don’t forget to do these things when going through a tough period in your life:

  • Accept the situation;
  • Be realistic about your situation;
  • Focus on the present and the things you can control;
  • Take one step, after another. Even if they are baby steps move forward;
  • Make a difference between the things you can and you can’t change;
  • Think about the lesson you can learn from that every tough experience;
  • Instead of expecting the worst-case scenario, think of other possible outcomes;
  • Be surrounded by people who support you;
  • Focus on strengths, skills, and solutions;
  • Take care of yourself;
  • Appreciate the positive things in your life;
  • Ask for help or even for an opinion;
  • Love and respect yourself;
  • Look at the situation from another’s point of view;
  • Do something, be physically active every day;
  • Look at the situation as something that will become a memory from the past;
  • Spend time in nature;
  • Do things that will make you laugh, like watching a comedy or funny YouTube videos, or catching up with that friend with a great sense of humor;
  • Help a person in need;
  • Watch inspirational and motivational videos or read encouraging words;
  • Write down your feelings and frustrations, and then about a more positive time in your life;
  • Choose one primary goal to focus on achieving.


Avoid doing the following things:

  • Isolate;
  • Panic;
  • Lash out;
  • Blame yourself;
  • Ignore your needs and intuition;
  • Numb or self-destruct yourself;
  • Try to control what you cannot control;
  • Focus on the negative aspects of the situation;
  • Ask “why me” or “what if”;
  • Remind yourself of bad things that have happened to you;
  • Focus on other people’s opinions.