People Shouldn’t Ignore The 25 Etiquette-Rules That Still Apply

People Shouldn’t Ignore The 25 Etiquette-Rules That Still Apply

We use etiquette as a term to explain when we want to behave amazingly on every occasion. The rules of etiquette include proper speech, neat appearance, common courtesy, as well as emotional control.

And, nowadays, it seems like many people forget about good manners, so below is a list of 25 rules we should remember.

1. Remember, when someone invites you by saying “I invite you,” it means that the person is the one who pays the bill. But, if someone says “Do you want to go to dinner,” that means that every individual pays their own check. A woman must agree to get her to check paid if a man offers.

2. You must call before you decide to visit someone. A British lady did not like uninvited guests, so whenever someone showed in front of her door, she would put her shoes on, take her hat and umbrella, and she would say “What a pity, I was just on my way out.”

But, if the lady liked the individual, she would say “Oh, I just got home.”

3. When you are out, you should never put your cellphone on the table. If you do this, you show how much you need this device, or just how bored you feel.

4. If you are on a date with a girl, you should not spend the time texting with someone else during the time you are with her.

5. A man may take a woman’s coat to the clothes closet while holding her handbag.

6. When you are walking with someone, and the person you are with greets someone you do not know, you should greet them as well.

7. Even though many people believe that we should eat sushi with chopsticks, men can consume it with their hands.

8. Never allow yourself to have dirty shoes.

9. Choose meeting in person instead of a meaningless phone call.

10. Never put yourself on the same level as the person that offended you. Instead of raising your voice, you should smile and leave.

11. While walking, men should always be on the woman’s left side. Except in the military, they should be able to salute.

12. If you are a driver, remember that splashing the pedestrians is a terrible attitude.

13. There are nine things you should never discuss: religion, age, love affairs, family quarrels, wealth, medical issues, disgrace, honor, and gifts.

14. When you are in a concert hall, the theatre, or the cinema, always go to your seat which is facing those sitting. And, men should always go first.

15. In order to touch a woman, a man needs to ask for permission. It is totally improper for a man to hold a woman’s hand, or touch her while they are talking. This is acceptable only when a man is helping a woman in need.

16. When someone calls you in a rude way such as “You there,” you should never answer. Be a model of polite social manners and good etiquette.

17. When utilizing perfume, be moderate. If you can still smell it in the evening, then everyone is already tired of it.

18. A well-mannered man always respects women.

19. If a man wants to smoke, he needs permission from a woman.

20. No matter who you are, a student, an older woman, an academician, etc. you should always greet everyone when you enter a room.

21. Respect other people’s privacy. Parents should read the letters of their children. Couples should have their own privacy and check each other’s pockets for love notes, and other things are definitely improper.

22. Do not try to be fashionable, but wear nice clothes.

23. If you gain forgiveness after you have apologized, do not go back to the same subject again since you have already said that you are sorry.

24. It is insulting to laugh and talk too loudly. Also, staring at people is rude.

25. Appreciate people who help you. They are helpful not because they have to, but because they want to. Be thankful to them.

After all, etiquettes are important because this way we show respect towards each other. And, it is not hard to follow them.