7 Reasons Why No One Should Mess With an Empath

7 Reasons Why No One Should Mess With an Empath

An empath is a person who can feel what people feel. Their senses are tripled, which is why they are incredibly empathetic and sensitive. That means that their surroundings can have a huge impact on them.

If for example, an empath senses negative energy, they may start acting malevolently. All this hate and misery weighs down their soul. Some empaths can’t distinguish their own feelings from the feelings that come from those around them.

Since they feel these feelings and emotions as their own, they misdiagnose their depression and anxiety as their own, while in fact, they don’t feel depressed.

In other words, when someone else who is severely depressed gets close to an empath, an empath will feel these emotions as their own.  Of course, it is in our nature to absorb other people’s negative energy.

But an empath may sometimes be completely overwhelmed by them. If you think you are an empath, it is best that you avoid spending time with people who are overwhelmed with negative emotions.

But, the moment you get fed up, is the moment you won’t let anyone mess with you. Here is why no one should EVER mess with you.

1. You Detect Lies

Empaths are blessed with this amazing power. When someone lies to your face, you know instantly they are not honest with you. All of your ‘’alarm signals’’ will immediately notify you. The moment you feel dishonesty you also feel discomfort.

No matter what kind of a lie it is, you will still sense it.

2. You Can Spot Fake People

Flattery will never work on you. This is a skill you have developed over the years, and now you know exactly how to use it. Whenever you see fake people, you know immediately what their true intentions are.

This is why you are incredibly smart and wise for your age.

3. You Are Sarcastic But Most People Don’t Get It

You are often sarcastic but many people think you insult them. Of course, you don’t use your sarcasm to insult anyone, people simply don’t get it.

4. You Can’t Hide Hatred and Jealousy

Whenever someone hates you, you will sense their hatred, no matter how hidden it is. Also, when someone pretends to be your friend, you can tell. You don’t hold any grudges, but when you do, you simply can’t hide them.

5. You Can’t Stand Prejudice

We all know homophobic and racist people are among us. They are a part of our society and there is nothing we can do about it. But, empaths know exactly when they are facing such people. That is why around them, they will try to not express their hatred in public.

6. You Know When Someone Is Not ‘’Fine’’

You choose to talk about your or someone else’s emotions. But, no matter if someone tells you they are alright or not, you know exactly how they are feeling. Their emotional turmoil affects you as well.

When you are around people who claim they are fine but aren’t, you feel uncomfortable, tense, annoyed, and scared.

7. You Spot A Selfish Person From a Mile Away

Most of the time selfish people hide their true intentions. But, you know exactly how they feel. Since you are a giver and absorber of energy, you can see people’s intentions clearly, no matter how hard they tried to hide them from you.