Distance Will Never Stop Me from Being There for My Friend! True Friendships Last Forever!

Distance Will Never Stop Me From Being There For My Friend! True Friendships Last Forever!

In my room, there is a picture of the two of us sitting together. My friend is so happy in the photo, she is laughing, and her hair is flying in the wind. I am next to her with my arm over her shoulder wearing huge sunglasses.

When I look at that picture, I see myself happy, and I know that back then life was easy. There was nothing between us. We did not have any dreams or loves that were pulling us in different directions.

We were from the same town and we were going to the same school. We were not aware that what we had then was a luxury. All of those summer afternoons while we were eating ice cream and snacks, and watching the sunsets were precious.

We had no idea that one day everything would be over and we would have to live so far away from each other. I have to admit that each time when I look at our photograph, I feel pain in my chest.

I miss those days badly! It was perfect. I miss when I was able to come to your bedroom through my living room. I miss when I was able to run across the street and come to sit on your porch.

I miss those days when we went to the other side of the town just to grab a coffee, or when we spent an entire day at the mall talking about the boys we liked.

We had great nights staying up late, watching Netflix shows, talking about our secrets, and eating sweets. There are times when I feel like you are on the other side of the world. And, honestly, there is nothing I would not do to have you here with me.

I miss laughing with you, sipping beers in the yard, and telling you what happened with my crush. Today, there are road trips, airplanes, and miles between us. There is a huge distance keeping us from being together.

We have schedules and commitments, work trips and vacations, and everyday chores to remind us that we are in different places now. When you call me sad and crying, it breaks my heart that I cannot be by your side.

Whenever I need your shoulder to cry on, all I have is the voicemail. When we need to be together to support each other, all we have are the long text messages and hand-written cards.

I do not like that we are not living so close anymore. I am angry because we cannot see each other each day, but no matter how far we live, our friendship will last forever.

When I eat pizza, I remember the days when we would eat the entire pizza and would not care about that. Whenever I work out, I remember our sessions together when we would share stories between each set.

When I get drunk I want you to be by my side and sing “Sweet Caroline” loudly. You were always there to cuddle me when there were thunderstorms, and now, I only have you in my thoughts.

However, every time you are on my mind, I am happy. I am happy because I know that it is real luck to have a person in my life that will never stop being my best friend no matter the circumstances.

You have to know that I love you more than anything! Neither the miles nor the time will stop me from adoring my best friend. Real friendship never dies, especially not because of distance. Keep in mind that not seeing you each day will never change a thing.