4 Comebacks to People Who Deny Our Happiness

4 Comebacks to People Who Deny Our Happiness

For every single individual who seeks happiness, there is another individual who denies the existence of happiness. Just the word “happiness” triggers people, both on the big plains of philosophy as well on the gut level.

The same as every single trigger subject, there are different opinions. Here we will just try to offer support to those individuals who are discouraged by the negativity of others.

The truth is that it can be difficult to gain clarity about a specific matter which is complicated. For different reasons and in different ways people will try to trash your happiness.

Do you know how to respond to them? Read on to find out.

Responses You Must Know About

#1 Projection

Projection is a primitive reaction to happiness. Many people removed from community and nature, sleep-deprived, sedentary and intoxicated with simple carbs are nothing but unhappy.

Depression and consummation of painkillers are on the rise. Many people feel lonely. Some people may say that happiness does not exist, due to certain factors.

Usually, those are the people who think ”Life is hard.” OK, the truth is that it is hard, but it is like that for everyone, life is hard for the entire human race. By definition, projections are unconscious.

Bear this in mind, move on and embrace life as it is. It is okay to say that “life can be hard.”

This statement can give relief to that person who continually tells you this, and at the same time, you will be able to make distance and become untangled from that individual’s hardship.

The capability to connect constructively with other people is the most crucial ingredient to happiness. However, understand that no one is served when you feel doomed.

In case you take on the depressed mood of the unhappy person you will only add darkness to your world.

#2 Misery Needs Company

Rivalry is a common thing, which shows in feelings of incessant judgments, annoyance, and unreasonable demands. Jealous individual doesn’t commonly see themselves as envious.

However, they might roll their eyes when you share success, sing or laugh.

Sometimes feeling left behind, a close colleague or your brother might point out the negative things or change the subject every single time you talk about positive stuff.

The truth is that there are endless possibilities for rivalry all you need to do is recognize them. Once you become aware of this, you will have to option to know how to react and respond.

Understand that competitiveness is an inevitable part of everyday life. So sometimes your response might be internal. The most important thing is to accept things as they are. Just forgive and let go.

Remember that is completely fine to be happy, even when others around you aren’t. You should be sensitive to their pain, but that doesn’t need to stop your growth. Do not hide your light; the right person will never ask that from you.

#3 Repetition

Your understanding of happiness is most likely based on complex and personal learning. Still, you might be subjected to tired expressions.

For instance, anyone who is at least slightly interested in this topic knows that happiness is not only about feeling good. Happiness involves sadness, hard work, and acceptance of failure.

Discomfort is part of an engaged life. Those beliefs such as these don’t stop the critic, who must educate you. You need to be prepared to go through endlessly repeated quotes about how you shouldn’t chase the rainbow.

Remember that copying other individuals is a big method of learning for everyone. Understand that most people prefer this particular method instead of thinking about things themselves. The response to this is simple- patience, and only patience.

Repeat patience over and over again.

#4 Happiness Seen As An Egotistical Preoccupation

The perception that happiness is an egotistical preoccupation can be easily corrected. Understand that this is born due to the sense of relatedness.