Why are Child-Free Aunts Often Underestimated in the Society?

Why Are Child-Free Aunts Often Underestimated in the Society

We all have, or wish to have, that one aunt that has always been there for us. An aunt that had helped us go through tough periods when no one else knew, or to help us celebrate the most important events in our lives.

But, what is so special about aunts that makes their role in the family irreplaceable?

Aunts have a special role in their niece and nephew’s lives. They are always ready to babysit or ride them to school when their parents are busy or give an extra hand when preparing their little one’s birthday.

These children are their family, so they are always happy to help. And, aunts are here to give them advice and steer them in the right direction when the children have had a fight with their parents, or when it comes to some topic that they don’t feel like telling to their parents.

An aunt will spend as much time as she can with her niece or nephew. She will buy them presents or play with them again and again.

Unfortunately, people sometimes underestimate the aunt that doesn’t have a child on her own. They could say it’s easy to be an aunt if you don’t have a baby to change diapers all the time.

But, they forget that the aunt has been there to take care of their nieces and nephews as babies. And, that included a lot of diapers!

People can be rude and inconsiderate, and some even go to that extent to say they could never know what true love is as they don’t have their own child. However, aunts without children know exactly what love is.

They love their nieces and nephews as their own children without anyone forcing them to do that.

No one forces them to come along and help when parents are unavailable. Or, to attend every special event for their nieces and nephews. They do that because they truly love them!

Still, society judges her and underestimates her value just because she doesn’t have a child on her own. And, this refers to child-free uncles as well.

The Reason behind the Misconception about Child-Free Aunts

For many women, motherhood is the only source of happiness, and they can’t understand how anyone can feel the same amount and magnitude of love if they don’t have a child on their own to know this feeling.

But, they are probably not aunts, so they don’t know how it is to have a niece or nephew. That’s why they can’t judge aunts without children.

In fact, an aunt makes the family happier, that is, if she feels she is welcomed in the family. She enriches the lives of both, parents and children.

Even though they are secondary caregivers, the positive influence on their niece and nephew’s lives compares to that of their mothers. They like to spend quality time with these children so they want to make sure everyone is having fun when they are around.

That’s why you should never forget all the things your aunt has though you, and the times she was there for you. Respect her and treat her as a second mother! Be here for her as she was always here for you.

Only in that way you can help her feel a bit of the love and care she has been giving to you your whole life.