30 Challenges for 30 Days to Become a Better Person

30 Day Challenges Become a Better Person

There are people who always try to be better than yesterday. They can try the 30-day challenge. Below they have 3 levels of challenges that will make them a better person.

  • Easy level
  • Intermediate level
  • Hard level

No matter which of the levels they choose, all of them can make a big difference in people’s lives.

1. Easy Level

Make a blank space in your daily calendar for a month

Many of us believe that we are supposed to fill out our calendars. However, it is very good to have a little free time every day. When you are too busy and have a lot to do, then anxiety strikes. You need to let yourself sometime to relax.

Do not expect anything for a month

You are going to be surprised when you see how much anger and disappointment we experience because of unfulfilled expectations. So, you should be open to new possibilities. You should make a few changes, such as do not make a lot of plans for that trip you want to go, do not stress about finding the perfect partner, etc.

It is good to have dreams and aims in life, but should not exaggerate by thinking only about it. So, please, stop getting obsessed over mistakes. Be kind to yourself.

Find at least 20 minutes for a walk every day

Walking is amazing because it relaxes you, clears your mind, makes you lose some weight, fills you up with energy, etc. Find some time every day to take a walk.

Give compliments

By complimenting someone you can make their day. Also, it gives you a reason to concentrate and think of something positive. And, you know what people say “what goes around comes around.”

Take one photo every day for a month

Create a folder on your phone or pc and save your 30 photos. You know that we are used to posting a lot of photos online, so the rule is to pick only the most worthy one. And, when you feel like nothing good is going on in your life, you may take a look at your photo diary.

Through the photos, you can see how beautiful your life is.

Note 3 things per day for which you are grateful for

In the evening, before you go to bed, take a notebook and write down 3 things you are grateful for. You can write even about the weather, or receive a compliment.

Stay away from toxic people for a month

This may seem as if it is not easy. However, you know that you are always going to encounter negative people, but the point is for you to be conscious about staying away from them. So, you will be out of conflicts and drama.

Avoid negative affirmations for a month

The point is that you should use words with contraction less. You should learn how to focus on the positive stuff. For instance, instead of saying that you cannot do something, you should learn how to say that you can try to do it. This way, your brain can learn how to see the good in every situation.

Smile to children

When a small child smiles at you, try smiling back at them. They simply spread positive energy, so you cannot get enough of it. Actually, you should try smiling more yourself.

Listen to music that will make you happy

When you are feeling sad, do not listen to music that makes you sad. Instead, make yourself a playlist with songs that boost your mood. Do not let your bad mood become even worse.

2. Intermediate level

Ditch something each day

Throwing away stuff can make a physical space, as well as mental space in your head. You can start with getting rid of small things such as trash, tissues in your pockets, etc. Then, you should move on to things that you could not get rid of like duplicate photos, old documents, etc.

Then, see which of your clothes you have not worn for the last 5 years and donate them instead of ditching them. When you finally do this, you will be able to move on.

Take 10 minutes per day to write in your diary

Take a notepad and find 10 minutes each day to write about your day. Even though this may seem like teenage stuff, keeping a diary is a great mental exercise. Writing down your thoughts and feelings helps you get in touch with your inner world, lower stress, and efficiently solve your issues.

Also, you can follow your own achievements. And, of course, after a month, you can reread your diary to see how far you have come.

Read a good book in a month

Probably it has happened to you to start a book and finish it after 6 months maybe. Or, you may even have just bought the book, and never opened it. So, try setting yourself a goal to read a good book in 30 days. Find at least 10 minutes before bed to read, or choose rainy weekends.

Make sure to be something that can improve your personal growth.

Take care of yourself for 10 minutes every day

Often, we are all too busy with our daily chores, so we do not find time to take care of ourselves (1). That is why you should find 10 minutes every day of the next month to do things that make you happy. Make a list of all things that make you feel good, and put them on your calendar.

Take 5-15 minutes to meditate

Constant stress and loud thoughts need meditation. It is not that hard. You can sit wherever you feel comfortable. Also, the Internet is full of free meditation guides.

Go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time

Many people do not have a sleeping routine, and that makes them stressed as well as tired. A good night’s sleep is essential. You need to sleep 7-9 hours every day, and 20 minutes before going to bed stay away from electronics.

Be kind every day

You have a chance to spread positivity and make someone’s day. There are a lot of things that you can do, so here is a list of some ideas:

  • Make company to that lonely person you see
  • Allow people who rush to go in front of you
  • Allow people to merge in during traffic
  • Say “thank you.”
  • Offer your help

Stay in touch with old friends

Try to stay in touch with your old friends, send them a message and arrange a meeting. You should keep good friends in your life. Also, you should say hello to your neighbors and even try to have a little chat with them.

Cook every Sunday

Cooking on Sunday for the week ahead can save you a lot of time. And, you will not be stressed because besides your full schedule you should do the cooking plus.

Make a dream board and a new detail each day

An effective visualization requires strong and vibrant details. So, you pick one big goal and add one new thing to the board each day. This way you will get the final result as soon as possible.

3. Hard level

Talk to a person you do not know every day

For a lot of people talking to strangers may seem like an impossible thing to do. And, yes it is not easy even if you do not have social anxiety. However, it is one of the easiest ways to meet new people, make new friendships, find a job, etc. So, for the next month try speaking with strangers every day.

You can try with “Hi, is this seat is taken?”, which can lead to nice and long conversations.

Review one belief you have had for a long time

Thinking about and questioning your beliefs is a good way to remove that bad mindset that holding you back. The hardest thing is to notice which of the beliefs are limiting. It may be a sport you do not want to try out because you think it would be boring.

But, you may actually love it. You can try out the online program called “Origins” to find out which beliefs are holding you can and how to get rid of them. It offers a way to open your mind to a new and amazing life.

Try out a new hobby for a month

People who are getting bored with their daily routines will benefit the most. Also, new hobbies get you out of your comfort zone which gets you a chance for growth. Likewise, you will meet a lot of new people that may have a huge role in your life.

Go without media for a month

When you get back home, do not watch TV and stay away from Facebook. Use only your phone and only when it is necessary. Trying to live a simpler life without social networks will get a lot of free time which you can use on more productive things. Also, your mood will be much better.

Get rid of one bad habit

Choose one bad habit (smoking, drinking, gambling, etc.) that is ruining your life and get rid of it. Do not be afraid to face that problem. No matter how hard it seems, remember there is always a chance to make a change.

Say ‘yes’ more often

When you feel it would be good, try saying ‘yes.’ For instance, when a friend offers you a weekend away, and you are feeling lazy, say ‘yes.’ Try many new things every day for a month, and you are going to boost your potential. Also, you may dress and behave differently.

Learn new things

If you are in a place in which you feel as if your career was stagnating, try learning new or developing your old skills. Pick some short professional course and pass it. You should always try to be better in your field.

Do not lie for a month

This is a big challenge because you should not lie to yourself either. But, it will help you get to know yourself better and make your life easier.

Do something that is scary to you

This is not an easy task, but it will help you a lot in pushing your boundaries and make you more productive. So, for the next month get ready to get out of your comfort zone.

Stop complaining for a month

Eliminating negative statements make your life more positive. You will be happier, more mindful as well self-aware. You can begin with finding what you are mostly complaining about and how frequent. Then, force yourself to stop complaining (do not let the negative words get out of your mouth).

However, there may be some things that are serious, but instead of complaining, you should try finding a solution.