15 Morning Habits of Successful and Highly Organized People

15 Morning Habits of Successful and Highly Organized People

Having a hard time being organized and fully functional is definitely not something that’s strange or something not familiar to many.

The more everyday life gets filled with dozens of responsibilities and things that need to get done, the bigger is the number of people who develop habits that aren’t the healthiest.

That is why we always ask ourselves how the people who appear to be perfectly organized even do it.

The reason behind this post is the latter. The truth about organized and successful people is the fact that they always stick to a particular routine that promotes a positive lifestyle and benefits their overall mindset and further success. (1)

Even though all of this appears to be very hard and challenging, it actually isn’t. We’ve compiled a list that most successful and organized stick to, just to give you the perspective on where to start from.

Here’s What to Do

1. Wake Up Early

Always try your hardest to touch up your sleeping pattern by going to bed earlier, and waking a lot earlier with that too. If this is too hard for you, try to wake up at least fifteen minutes earlier than your usual wake-up time, and after a week or two try waking up even earlier.

Usually, people who tend to be a more organized wake up early in the morning, so they get to have more time to do everything they have to. This is going to give you more free time during your busy day as well.

2. No Phone

It’s very important for you not to find yourself scrolling through a lit-up screen first thing early in the morning. Give yourself time to wake up naturally, and once you’re awake, get out of bed immediately, so that you get rid of the sleepy feeling a lot quickly.

Not only that, but this takes up a lot of your time which is something that you don’t need to do.

3. Remain Thankful

You should always remember that happiness is not about striving for things that you don’t have yet. Instead, try to feel thankful for what you already have. This is going to make you feel a lot happier and blessed to be alive.

Think about all your privileges and focus on important things.

Get a journal and try to write something that you’re thankful for. Write at least one sentence per day, even on bad days. Practice optimism because to be optimistic is to train yourself to be thankful and to look on the bright side.

4. Do Something That Makes You Happy

Since doing something that makes you feel positive is of crucial value for you to be more motivated to fulfill your tasks on time, during the day, do a certain activity.

When you wake up, if you really have to check your phone do so, but make sure that any activity that you decide to go for should have a time limit.

Try to make the limit last five to ten minutes. This way you’ll do a joyous activity and feel good about it, but will not go overboard at the same time.

5. Ask the Right Qs

Once you wake up, ask yourself what you would like to do today, if it was your last day on Earth? You don’t have to dive into such deep depths though.

But make sure always to ask yourself the right, constructive questions that are going to help you get to the bottom of a certain situation or problem.

6. Routine

During the morning, make sure to plan out your own routine that’s going to help you do and finish everything on time.

A well-constructed routine will not only make you feel fulfilled and like you’re doing the things you’re supposed to, but you will also be on time with everything and will contribute to your overall well-being. (2)

Organize the routine based on things you enjoy doing, and it will become second nature for you.

7. Strategy, Strategy, and More Strategy

Always make sure to take out some time from your day to plan the next step. Once you got a plan to follow, and a plan B for that matter, you will be doing just fine.

Even if taking time out to complete something that appears to be unnecessary for you at this time, give it a shot.

See how it helps! You are going to save yourself from huge amounts of stress and feel complete in no time.

8. Realistic Goals

Always remember to remain grounded and to be realistic about the expectations you have about yourself.

It’s about completing a task, step by step, level after level, not about jumping around through different obstacles being completely unready about the new tasks that keep coming and coming.

Be honest about what you’re capable of doing at a given time, and if you make the needed baby steps, you will do more than fine. Most organized people give themselves tasks that they are capable of performing while still managing to push themselves.

9. Mediation Is Key

Look out for new meditation methods and practices and find the one that suits you and your personality best. Or better yet, try out something new and out of your comfort zone for the sake of the experience and to learn something new about yourself.

Doing practices like yoga, for example, can help you out with clearing your mind up and feeling relaxed and refreshed. This will leave you ready for the new challenges and obstacles coming from the new days to come.

10. Clean Up

Make sure to keep your house clean and organized. Having a clean living space that is not a cluster bomb with unnecessary objects that just keep your mind busy with something for no reason.

This will not only keep you decluttered, but it will also save up on your time, and you will not have to unnecessarily clean up your home all the time.

Get rid of unnecessary objects around your home and start noticing how your mind declutters.

11. Workouts

If you don’t feel like burning those calories, try out just yoga. The main point is to clear your mind by doing a certain physical activity. This will not only serve as a good exercise for your body, but it will also make you more active and in touch with your body.

You are going to feel refreshed and ready for the challenges of the day waiting for you.  Always try your best to make the time for this, at least 40 to 60 minutes per day.

12. Complete All Your Unwanted Tasks

This is already common knowledge among the world. Finishing all of your unwanted tasks that you find hard and very challenging is going to make you feel relief and with that, you will have more time to complete other activities that aren’t as hard and as challenging for you.

You will be under less stress and if you leave the obligations that you don’t want to finish for longer, chances are you will not even finish them. This is why completing all your hard tasks first is key.

13. Cuddling Is Key

Always make the time to give your friends and loved ones a hug. This will not only make you feel good and fill you up with positive emotions that will serve as fuel for the entire day, but you are also going to make the people you are interacting with feel good too.

14. Free Hour

It’s essential to give yourself an hour to give yourself a break every single day. Spend these thirty minutes to an hour by reading some inspirational quotes, stories, and listen to uplifting music that makes you feel good in order to recharge and feel prepared for all of the challenges waiting.

15. Prepare Overnight

Last but not least, it’s always good to even prepare certain things overnight. Whether it is your outfit or homework or whatever else, don’t leave anything you can get done today for tomorrow or any other day for that matter.

In addition to all of these tips, we are going to provide you with a short video that explores another world, the world of entrepreneurs, and their lifestyle. Take a look at the twenty-four-minute routine most entrepreneurs swear by.

Maybe you will get some inspiration for incorporating something in your life as well.