Is Farting Making the Relationship Stronger and Lasting?

Who farts in front of their partner? Is it strange? Well, whether we like it or not, it has been said that farting in the presence of our partner is actually good for our relationship.

Those who think it’s not reasonable will find out more in the article. A lot of people try to be the best version of themselves in order to make their partner love them.

And, this includes controlling themselves not to fart in their presence. However, a strong relationship is based on trust and sincerity, and we can achieve that by being our true selves.

Leah Decesare wrote the book “Naked Parenting,” and she talks about having a strong relationship and the secrets of good parenting.

What Does Leah Decesare Say About Farting?

In her book, Leah talks about the moment when she farted for the first time in the presence of her spouse. Also, her husband remembers that moment too although it was about twenty years ago.

Apparently, Leah’s spouse when he heard her fart thought about marrying her. The husband felt close to her, and he was sure that he wants to spend his life with her.

When Leah farted in front of him, she made him feel free to do the same whenever he wanted without feeling uncomfortable. To have a good marriage means that you need to build it on truth, honesty, as well as acceptance.

In fact, your marriage should be a comfortable place in which you can be your true self. Since you feel different in other relationships, you should feel free in your marriage.

Women, for instance, are too shy to fart in a public restroom because someone may hear them, and they hold it. Nonetheless, you should be free with your loved ones, and you should not be ashamed to fart in front of them.

But, that does not mean that you should fart everywhere and in front of everyone, just when you are alone. According to Leah, when you fart in front of your beloved one, you make empathy, and you become closer and more charming than ever.

You can see this as a test through which you can see if you can be yourself when you are together.

Farting is Natural

Moreover, farting is a normal, natural, and healthy process just like tears and laughter. Also, it is not considered as healthy to hold farts. According to Dr. Oz, holding your farts may cause cramps, bloating, and stomachache.

And, you should now hide that part of you. An average individual has about half a liter of gas per day, and that needs to come out. Like it or not, farting is a part of your marriage too.

When you have your marriage ceremony, you and your partner vow to each other to be together in everything. And, that is supposed to make you and your partner more connected.

So, people, if you want to have strong marriages, make sure to be what you really are in front of your partners. You should not be ashamed of doing normal things. Besides making your relationship stronger, farting is funny and it can make you laugh, and laughter makes you happy.