Animals are Considered Sentient Creatures in the Best Country in the World?

All Animals are Sentient, New Zealand Set an Example!

With expectations for animal welfare constantly increasing, one particular country has put a law into action that legally recognizes all animals as sentient beings. The term sentient being is used to refer to beings that have a conscience.

These beings are subject to suffering, illusion, and rebirth. So, in New Zealand, animal owners must treat these animals properly and give them adequate care.

Since sentient beings can experience both negative and positive emotions, even distress and pain, it is crucial that they are properly taken care of.

According to Animal Welfare, because animals are able to think and feel, people need to treat them right, even in testing and studies. In accordance with Dr. Merchant who is a president of the Veterinary Association of New Zealand, this decision is of extreme importance for animals’ rights.

Also, Dr. Merchant said that the methods society utilized for pets and farm animals do not exist anymore. The nation is changing the approach toward the animals in the country.

If you want to know details about the new law in New Zealand, you can get information here.