8 Reasons Why We Need More Hugs

8 Scientifically Proven Reasons to Give Hugs

Nowadays, many people are under stress. It has an impact on their everyday lives. So, people try various methods to have control over stress, but there is one way – hugging.

Hugs are free and have an incredible effect on stress and negativity. According to some studies, hugging is one of the best ways to be happy and relaxed.

Probably, you liked this fact, so we offer you scientifically backed reasons to give hugs more often. (1)

1. Hugs Betters Your Morale

Finding the perfect moment to give someone a hug may change their day for to better. The person that is hugged gets an emotional charge. Also, the bond between two people hugging each other gets stronger.

2. Hugs Ease Pain

When someone is receiving a hug, their brain produces the hormone oxytocin. That is the reason behind mothers forgetting about the pain after giving birth. (2)

Likewise, people forget about all negative things in their lives and concentrate on the positive ones.

3. Hugs May Decrease Blood Pressure

Besides the mind getting the advantages of hugs, the body gets the benefits too. When one is hugging someone, their skin receives signals that nerves from the body deliver them to the brain.

That feeling of wellness and security is transported to the body and the heart. This way, your muscles, and veins get relaxed, so the blood pressure gets lower.

4. Hugs Treat the Heart

The NC University conducted a study that discovered people who were not close to their beloved people, had an increased heart rate. (3)

The reason behind this is stress and tension. But, people who got hugs more often had a lower heartbeat, relaxed heart, and better possibilities of having a happy and long life.

5. Hugs Improve Self-confidence and Get Rid of Fear

When people hug other people, they get better self-confidence and do not care about other people’s opinions. The security and getting away can be noticed when children hug their teddies or blankets, and immediately feel protected.

This feeling stays with us throughout our lives, and we can get a positive effect when we do not expect it at all.

6. Hugs Make Children Happier

Hugging babies helps them grow happier and healthier. There is a connection between our emotional support and babies’ emotional stability when they grow up.

Also, studies discovered that hugging helps children to manage stressful occasions and build good relationships with other people. So, go and hug your child, and show your love. This will be of help to both of you. (4)

7. Hugs Provide Comfort for Older People

Older people have an enormous fear of being alone and isolated. It is believed that loneliness may have a role in a disease, and sometimes people can die earlier.

A solution to this issue is hugging, no matter if it is coming from a familiar or unfamiliar person.

8. Hugs Calm the Nerves

According to some studies, people who were hugging had an improved nervous system.

People are electrical beings who carry a small charge, and hugging improves the nervous system and relaxes the nerves. What is the benefit? By relaxing our nerves, we get rid of the tension that makes our lives difficult.

Since hugs are free, why don’t you hug someone now and make their day?