4 Ways Insecure Men Control Women

4 Ways Insecure Men Control Women

Insecure men hide behind the veil of manipulation and emotional unavailability. Their lack of confidence is something they fear to show to the rest of the world. That is why they disguise their real emotions and hide behind egoistic behavior to control people.

They enter our life as these innocent, vulnerable, and beautiful people. While, in fact, they are the people who wait for the perfect moment to unleash their insecurities and completely change their persona. Such manipulative people lack self-respect. (1)

They only live to hurt others. To stop this from happening you have to learn to recognize them. Here are the four most brutal mind games they will probably use on you. (2)

1. They Cease All Forms of Communication

An emotionally unavailable and insecure person will break off the intimate relationship by ceasing all contact and communication with you without justification or apparent reason.

They will ignore their partner, avoid any form of communication, and refuse to respond to any communication attempts.

At first, that person will tell you how much he loves you, and then in a blink of a second, he will turn into a terrible and arrogant person. His biggest weapon against himself is his insecurities. If you know someone like this, face them head-on and be brave.

Stand your ground and show no fear. Tell them what is bothering you and how you are feeling. After all, this relationship affects you too.

2. Their Behavior Is Constantly Changing

One moment, you are having a magical romantic dinner, and the next, he is a heartless cold-hearted creature. The moment he changes, you can’t even recognize him. For some weird reason, he blames you for everything you didn’t even do.

When this happens, it is crucial that you talk with him. Try to clear things up and start a legitimate conversation to understand his behavior. If he doesn’t come up with anything to justify his rudeness, you should state clearly that you won’t accept such childish mind games.

3. They Shame You In Front of Other People

When your partner starts dark humor and offensive jokes to shame you, it is obvious that they do it to cover their hidden insecurities. An emotionally insecure person will desperately try to hide their real feelings.

They are dissatisfied with their miserable life, so they will try their best to boost their ego and shame you in front of others. If your partner is acting this way, you should stand up for yourself and put an end to such pathetic jokes.

Tell him in front of everyone else that you won’t take it. Do not let him shame you. Respect yourself and learn to defend yourself. Otherwise, people like this will only walk all over you.

4. They Blame You

Whatever happens, he will do everything in his power to blame you for even the simplest mistakes. For every disagreement, argument, or failure, he will blame you and yell at you for it. Do you know why? He is paranoid.

Emotionally insecure people can’t stand being reminded that they are wrong. In their eyes, they are the perfect people. So, to undermine everyone else, such people will constantly make others feel miserable in order to feel superior.

Dealing with such a person can be extremely difficult. The best things you can do are set up limits and stand your ground. To do that, you have to practice self-respect.