20 Ways to Become a Happier Person in The New Year

It’s a new year, and we all have a new chance to make a change in our lives. There are people who think that it’s not a reason to make a change, and they really do nothing to improve their lives.

However, we consider it is a special moment in which one can be motivated to make some changes. We have two choices, either think about making changes and do nothing, or you can actually try new and different things and see what works for us.

So, in the article, we offer 20 things people can do in order to be happier the following year. People do not have to apply everything; even just several of them can improve life in general.

1. Make Exercising a Habit

Yes, maybe it sounds like a cliché, but physical activity makes you feel much better. While you are working out, your body releases energy and endorphins.

And, you need to be persistent; you should not give up just right after the first workout. Make some time in your life to dedicate to exercise a few times per week.

2. Choose Healthy Foods

Going to unhealthy foods may make you happy at the moment, but it does not have a long-term positive effect. So, you should go for healthy and nutritious foods that will give you a better mood and energy throughout the whole day.

Anyway, you should know that it is all right to treat yourself like a donut, for instance, from time to time. Remember, focusing on healthy foods will give you great results. You will not regret it.

3. Go Outside More Often

Spending time outside has proven to make people much happier. When you go outside and enjoy nature and its beauty, you are able to relax and feel more present.

No matter how busy you seem, finding some time to spend outside is never a bad choice. So, instead of going to a coffee bar, go for a walk with your friend.

4. Be Thankful

Being grateful is one more way that has been proven to increase happiness in people. It is very powerful to remind yourself how happy you are and how many positive things you have in your life.

You just need to write just a few things you are thankful for, and you will feel the improvement.

5. Spend Time with People You Like

Spending time with people you love makes everyone happy. If you have some people that you do not like, you should cut them out of your life in order to have more time to spend with those you like.  You will definitely have a happier and more meaningful year.

6. Learn Something New

Being stuck in just one place makes no one happy. Dedicate some time and energy to learning a new skill this year. Do not let yourself be bored with everyday activities. Do something different, and make yourself happy.

7. Do Not Worry About What Others Think

When you waste time worrying about what other people think of you, you are losing your chance to be alive and happy at the present moment. Also, thinking about other people’s thoughts is not progressive at all.

So, dedicate time to the things you like doing. And, remember, there is not a chance for everyone to like you. However, there will always be people that will love you no matter what.

8. Practice Meditation

Another way to be happier is to practice meditation, and it is not something difficult that you cannot do. You just need 5 minutes per day to focus on your breathing, and you will feel the benefits.

9. Put a Smile on Your Face

According to studies, smiling provokes positive associations in your brain, so you become happier. This is not a hard task as well. And, people who smile seem warmer and attract more positive people.

10. Learn to Love Yourself

It is very important to love yourself as you are. Do not think poorly of yourself; you are not doing yourself a favor. You should accept yourself as you are, and accept that you make mistakes, and that is okay.

Instead of being sad about the bad things in your life, think of things in which you can become a better person.

11. Do More Things

Do not spend money on material things you do not need because experiences make people happier. Use this year to experience new things, make some new memories with your friends and family. Besides being entertaining, positive experiences trigger positive memories.

12. Help Others

This year make sure to help people in need. Do charity work, donate clothes or food, or whatever you think would be of help to those who need it. You are making good, and you are receiving happiness in return.

13. Artistic Pursuits

Even though you may not be an artist, you may try learning how to play an instrument, try poetry, etc. Artistic activities make us more creative, and we are more present at the moment.

14. Laugh Out Loud

When you laugh you warm your body, and you feel more satisfied. Choose a comedy movie, a standup comedy, and spend time with funny people to make yourself laugh out loud.

15. Challenge Yourself

When you give yourself challenges, you experience some deep satisfaction. Can you think of the most challenging things you have ever done? Well, you knot the good feelings you got at that time.

This does not mean that you should do something unhealthy or illegal. Just make sure to get the most out of the activities you like doing. Go to a new level.

16. Do Not Do What You Do Not Enjoy

Think about the ways you spend your time. Life is short, and you should not waste it on things you do not like doing. Make sure to remove the things you do not enjoy, of course, those that you can, and spend time doing more of what you love.

17. Less Social Networks

When we are spending time on social networks, we are becoming less satisfied with our own lives. So, this year, make a change and spend less time scrolling on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Choose to be happier in the real life.

18. Love More

This year go for love. Make sure to love people around more than the previous one. If you have a partner, greet them every morning. Show them how much you love them. If you are single, express love to the people you love, and you will receive love in return.

19. Do Not Say ‘Yes’ to Everything

If you want to lower stress in your life, you need to learn how to say ‘no’ sometimes. Agreeing with everything makes us feel stressed. So, next time, when there is something that you do not want to do, or if it makes you feel bad, just say ‘no.’

20. Accept Life as It Is

No matter what you do, life can be cruel sometimes. Nonetheless, you need to accept life as it is. Sometimes, you will have a bad day, but you should remind yourself that a bad day does not mean a bad life. You will get through it. Take control over your thoughts.

As you can see, these are all just easy ways that can make a big change in your life. All you need is a desire to make an effort. Enjoy this year, let it be the year of happiness to you.