For Those Who Have Grown and Understood That Love Shouldn’t Be Chased

For Those Who Have Grown and Understood That Love Shouldn't Be Chased

We should all take a moment and stop to think about a few important things about ourselves and our relationships. It’s high time we focus on the right things and the things that make us who we are. Therefore, stop whatever you are doing.

Stop with the task you have a deadline for, stop with the workout, stop with the dinner, stop, and for a second take a look at yourself. No, don’t focus on the physical, focus on your inner self.

Stop for a second and look how far you have come. Remember what it was like before?

You would change the second someone showed interest in you, you changed to someone even you didn’t know. Many times in the past you lost yourself just trying to get one’s approval. And sure, you have settled for less than what you really deserve.

Suddenly your world revolved around this person, what they thought of you and you want to be with them. Your mind reminded you that you were not good enough, you were your own worst enemy.

But, now you know better. Now you know that all you have is yourself. You know that you do not have to please anybody, all you have to do is make sure you are happy.

Now you do your best to fill your life with faith, positivity, and light and you do not depend on anyone for validation. You know it is better to be who you are and truly enjoy your life than to change from someone.

Now you concentrate on those people who love you, and you do not try to win over people who do not love you.

Now you know that the right person won’t have to be chased and that your time is so precious you no longer want to spend it in meaningless relationships.

You have been through a lot, and you know that if someone doesn’t love you, it doesn’t matter what you do, it won’t make any difference.

You learned these lessons the hard way, but they were valuable ones. They taught you that you have to stop wasting time on people who are unworthy of your time. The right people will be in your life; you won’t have to chase them.

The right people will help you become the best possible version of yourself; you know that now. They won’t be thinking only of themselves, because you will matter as well.

They won’t see you as someone temporary but as someone who is meant to stay. The right people enter your life with the intention to stay forever; you shouldn’t change in order to make them stay.

You are slowly learning that it is much better to be single than to give your heart to the wrong people. You still hope about meeting the love of your life; you know that this person is out there looking for you.

And that is why you do not want to settle for less. You know that you will have the right person by your side comforting you when things do not go according to plan and cheering you on for every single win.

You know that the right person will come when it is the right time. You have come a long way, and you know that you aren’t going to settle for less than what you deserve. You won’t compromise for someone who is not sure of you.

This is a period of your life that may not be the easiest for you, but you are happy. Why? Because you have your faith, your loved ones, and most importantly yourself to push through this.

Now you cherish yourself and do whatever possible to discover yourself, and make yourself a priority.

Look how far you have come. Now continue doing what you were doing, but be proud of yourself. You are now much wiser and stronger. That means you are heading in the right direction, my dear.