True Love is Worth the Risk and So is He

True Love Is Worth the Risk and So Is He

Most people are cautious especially when it is about who to give their heart to. Each of us has probably had many times had a million “what ifs” on our mind. What if he leaves me? What if he betrays me?

What if he just wants to use me? What if he stops loving me? Many of us probably sabotaged their relationships before they even started, and we did all that only with our pessimistic thoughts.

You feel as you cannot control it and your thoughts are never-ending, they keep on coming. Probably you are used to dealing with your thoughts and emotions on your own. Probably you are used to be being lonely. But something happened right?

You began craving attention. You craved his arms, his entirety, and presence. You didn’t know how this happened, but deep down inside your heart, you knew that you want him.

In him, you saw things others seem to miss out on, such as his ideal flaws, beautiful scars, and his curves and edges which make him how he is today. They say that you attract people who mirror who you truly are.

However, probably both of you are nothing alike.

Probably you fell in love with him by the way he viewed the world and the way he views you with altruistic and realistic eyes.

With him, you found parts of you that you didn’t know existed, with him you found love in you that didn’t know was there. You never imagined yourself with him. But now you understand that to you he is perfect just the way he is.

You wouldn’t change a thing, because even if the smallest thing is changed, it will get boring.

To you, he is perfect, not only because you like him but also because you know him.

He has a big and kind heart, a heart where love overflows. He can be fragile, and you love that about him. He deserves to be loved and admired, and you can give it to him, and you will do it in every possible way.

But maybe you don’t like him. Why? Because when you truly, genuinely, honestly, love someone you trust that person, and you take risks.

Regardless of what the outcome will turn out to be, you jump in with your whole heart and everything you have, because love is like that. So maybe you don’t like him, because you love him.

You knew that when with him you opened your heart and began doing things which you never thought you do such as investing your feelings only in one individual, taking free fall, and trusting him.

He made you trust in love again; he made you take risks and fall madly, genuinely in love. All you want is to give him that well-deserved love because he is patient, kind, loving, and respectful towards you.

He proves on a daily basis that he deserves to be in your life, he gives you the attention and makes you happy. Your happiness is his number 1 priority.

That is why you love him because around him you feel like you are the only woman in the world. But does he know this? If you are lucky enough to have met such a man and to have him in your love, go on and tell him that.

Pour out your emotions and love; surely he will respect that. If you haven’t met this man, you need to wait, because he is real and he is out there looking for you.