13 Things That Alphas Need From Their Partners

13 Things That Alphas Need From Their Partners

Humanity needs alphas in order to be prosperous. They are leaders, trendsetters, innovators, even troublemakers.  They are self-confident, strong, ambitious, dedicated, and passionate.

Since alphas know what they want, they need someone to be their support and accompany them on the way to success. So, below is a list of 13 things that alphas need their partners to have.

1. Trust

People with an alpha personality cannot trust someone easily. They are prideful and dignified, and they do not like being vulnerable. And, before they decide to open their hearts to someone, they need to have complete trust because even small betrayals may hurt them to the bone.

2. Intellect

Nowadays, intelligence is on the top list of priorities. So, for a human to be an alpha, they need to be extremely intelligent. Also, they want the same thing in a partner. Alphas look for smart partners, otherwise, they would get bored.

3. Challenge

For alphas to be even more successful, they need someone who will challenge them. A person that is going to get the best out of them, who will challenge every decision they make, is the perfect match.

4. Independence

Alpha people like to be in a relationship that includes two independent people. In order to keep independence, partners need to spend some time apart and working on themselves and their dreams. A relationship is stronger and healthier if both partners are strong to stand on their own feet.

5. Passion

Since alphas need passion to create the lives that they have always dreamt of, they need passionate partners as well. They need partners that can share their goals, wishes, dreams, and needs with.

6. No Jealousy

The strong self-esteem that alphas have makes them secure enough, so they do not get jealous. So, a jealous partner is not what they need. They need someone who will not freak out if they are out in a meeting with other people.

7. Control

Even though alpha people like to be in control of their pack, their partner does not belong there. A partner is a part of them. This means that the partner alphas choose needs to be in control of their own life.

8. Courage

In order to have a healthy and mutually respectful relationship, alphas look for a partner that has courage. In fact, they need someone who is brave enough to tell them what they mean without being afraid.

Also, they need someone who is capable of expressing their true and honest feelings to make a balance in their life.

9. Patience

Alphas are difficult people to deal with. Half of their time they spend while fighting the world, and the other half fighting themselves. This knows to be tiring. Well, to build a strong and lasting relationship, alpha people look for patient partners.

10. Respect

Although alphas seem strong, they are actually vulnerable. So, they look for someone who can show them respect even when they disagree. They need a partner to appreciate their opinion, and always be honest about everything.

11. Assertiveness

Being indecisive is not on the list of the things that alphas find attractive in a partner. They like self-confidence and assertiveness. They do what they want to do when they want to. Well, they look for the same trait in a partner.

12. Humor

Since alphas know to get stuck in work and forget about life, they need someone with a good sense of humor. They need a person that knows to make their day better, to make them laugh, and make the relationship fun.

13. Vision

Life with an alpha person is always a competition, and everything has a purpose and reason. But, having a visionary life can be difficult, they may easily lose track. So, a partner that has a vision is a perfect match because it will keep balance, and both of them will never find themselves lost.

Well, we all have lists of the traits we want in our partners, but we need to do some action as well. If you are single, get up, dress up, and find yourself the partner you need.