Men, Don’t Fear Her Words, Fear Her Silence

Men, Don’t Fear Her Words, Fear Her Silence1

Men, don’t worry when your woman yells at you or when she blames you. Do not worry when she sends you long messages explaining why she is mad and what she needs from you. Don’t worry when she wakes you up in the middle of the night because she is hurt.

Don’t worry when she cries at night because you said something wrong. These are all cries for your attention from the woman who loves you the most. They are signs that she loves you with all her heart and just wants to be happy with you.

All she asks is a little attention, respect, and love from the man she loves. She doesn’t ask for too much, just what she deserves and what she gives to you as a partner. That’s what she needs to be happy – your respect and love.

So, don’t worry when she does all this as she is only fighting for her love.

But, worry when she stops talking, reacting, and crying. Worry when she no longer fights for you about the things you say. Worry when her long messages become one-word answers.

Worry when she no longer wakes you up in the middle of the night to tell you that she wants you to change. Worry because this means she thinks you are no longer worth the fight, tears, and anger.

Worry because she has now turned cold, just like you were. Worry because her silence is worse than her words – it can destroy much more than her words ever will. When she becomes silent, it means she no longer cares about you, your words, or your actions.

It means you have stopped being the person occupying her thoughts. It means you are no longer worth her words. She loves talking about her feelings and problems because that’s the way she connects with you.

Her words are honest and come from her heart. Although she hates silence and words left unsaid, she will become silent if you don’t treat her right. Her words are her love; her silence is a sign that she is giving up on you.

You’ve been silent for too long, so now she is too. You are finally even.

That’s why you should never fear her comments and arguments. They show you mean the world to her. The tears she can’t hold back mean she cares about you. They show she wants to stay. They show she wants to fight with you for your relationship.

They show she wants to fight for you. So, don’t fear her words, appreciate them!

Don’t let yourself realize this until it’s too late because the day it all stops is the day she is ready to leave. So men, fear your woman’s silence. Fear when she doesn’t respond when you annoy her and when she smiles when you hurt her.

This can only mean one thing – the woman who loved you and respected you the most has finally given up on you! And, she won’t change her mind no matter the words you say. Your words will no longer matter.