5 Behaviors Most Men Demonstrate Only with The Woman They Truly Love

5 Behaviors Most Men Demonstrate Only with The Woman They Truly Love

Women and men are different; they also show their affection and love in different ways. Therefore, love may be confusing for women from time to time. It is because men and women feel differently.

The most common statement heard too often from women is: “Today he is acting like a jerk and yesterday he was the nicest man in the world. I do not understand what is going on?”

You see, the important thing is that what he says and does is in alignment. So, the inevitable question comes: “Can women know when a man seriously cares for them and loves them?”

Not really and not always, right? Well, you should know that all men have a common set of behaviors that show their love for a woman.

In order to know if your man really loves you, you need to check these behaviors with him.

5 Common Behaviors Most Men Demonstrate with The Women They Truly Love

#1 He Is Proud of You and He Isn’t Afraid or Ashamed to Show It

When a man is truly in love, he is not shy to say how proud he is of you and how proud he is to have you as his woman.

Regardless if you are an amazing mother, a woman reaching your goals, or a hard worker, you can be assured that all of your efforts do not go unnoticed.

As a matter of fact, all of the praiseworthy things you have done and worked towards bring not only you but him as well a great amount of joy and pride.

#2 He Treats Your Friends and Family with Respect

In case your man knows that someone is important to you, somehow by default they become important to them as well. Why?

It’s simple you cherish your friends and family, and the last thing a man who truly wants you would want is to hurt your feelings.

While yes, he may not genuinely like some of your friends or family members, he will stay silent just not to hurt you.

#3 He Listens to You Closely

Generally speaking, women are much better listeners in comparison to men. To be honest, some men also have atrocious listening skills. The things are that most men always focus on the things of interest.

Therefore, if your man not only hears you but at the same time pays attention and intelligently responds, you should know that he really cares.

#4 He Fights for You

He gets furious if you are in any possible danger. He does everything possible to protect you, although he knows that you can defend yourself. Still, he stays aside and watches your back.

He doesn’t want to hear the hurt in your voice. When he knows that you are hurt, he gets this gut-clenching, stomach-dropping hurt.

#5 He Openly Shows Vulnerability

Men are careful about showing some behavior that may be seen by others as a weakness. Most men act like this due to the fact that when they were growing up, they were told not to cry because they were boys, and boys do not cry.

However, as adults in love, this deeply ingrained attitude fails by the wayside, and when they are with the right woman, they do not care. If your man is in love with you, he will feel far more comfortable with acting and feeling vulnerable.

Vulnerability will make a few appearances during the relationship, particularly if he is with you only.

Final Thoughts

It is said that behavior is what a man does and not what he believes, feels, or thinks. If you man does all the things above mentioned, you should keep him close, because he truly loves you.