16 Things All Rebellious, Fearless Alpha-Women Do

16 Things That Make Badass & Bold Alpha Women Different From The Rest

The saying of Laurel Thatcher Ulrich “Well-behaved women seldom make history,” is very famous. But, do people know what it actually means? These words are used to honor all of the women that make the world a better place by being braver and much more creative.

If interested in rebellious alpha women, continue reading the article to learn more about their greatness.

1. Enjoying Life – A Priority

Alpha women do not care if they are single, married, engaged, or dating; they just want to have a great life that they will enjoy.

In order to live, one needs to experience new stuff, so these brave women go on new trips, get new courses, and are never afraid of trying new things.

2. Open and Confident

They will never be ashamed of introducing themselves to their new employee or asking for a raise. They would not waste time hesitating and avoiding the point.

3. They Believe in Themselves

Alpha women are aware of their flaws, but they do not let them stand in their way to happiness and success. They are really brave and aware that perfection does not exist.

4. Happy Single Life, But Why a Relationship?

Even though these women are happy on their own, they would not say ‘no’ to a partner that would make their life even more amazing.

Having a lot of fun and people in their lives does not prevent them from meeting new people who will give them new ways of happiness.

5. Accepting the Past and Learning from it

Alpha women know that remembering your past will help you learn a lesson from your mistakes. And, when they learn their lessons, they focus on the things they want to change and improve in order to be better in the future.

6. Boundaries

No matter how brave they are, these women have their limits. They simply do not permit others to take advantage of their body or violate their beliefs, space, and dignity.

7. They Can Walk Away

If an alpha woman finds herself in a bad love or family relationship, or friendship, she is not afraid of walking away. She will not waste time if she is certain that the relationship is not going well.

8. Love Physical Relationships

If you intend to have a relationship with an alpha woman that includes just video messages, calls, and texts, do not waste your time. You can be friends, but these women need something more from their partners.

9. Opportunistic

Besides the Internet, alpha women are aware that going out of their comfort zone is the real deal if they want to find new opportunities. Because of this, these fearless women are quite adjustable.

10. Genuine

A fearless alpha woman would not waste time and energy on being overly dramatic. She knows her worth, and she is authentic.

11. Not a Celebrity Worshipper

No matter how perfect celebrities look, or how inspiring they are, alpha women do not worship them. They choose to honor the reality they actually live in.

12. They Invest in Their Body and Mind

These women know that one should invest in their body and mind. So, they choose to work out, read, and learn in order to have a healthy life, be happier, as well more successful.

Feeling good in their own skin and being well-educated is definitely a sign of an alpha woman.

13. They Are Not Victims

Alpha women do not allow themselves to go through negative experiences over and over again. They have control over their emotions, feelings, and life.

14. They Do Not Have Regrets

When they are not sure about expressing their opinion or doing something, they end up doing it. They are fearless, and usually, do not have regrets. Why not take a chance?

15. They Are Themselves

Even though they care about other people’s actions, when they see the big picture, they end up doing what they believe is the best for them, their family, friends, as well as the world.

16. Action Time

People tend to have dreams and hope for so many things such as having a beautiful house, a great car, a career, and life. But, many people do not do anything to make their dreams come true.

However, alpha women are different because they would not waste their time wishing and hoping, they get up and work on realizing their dreams. So, if an alpha woman wants to get something, she will!

Even though alpha women have these exceptional qualities, it does not mean that other women do not have them. Anyway, as we can see, they are an example many of us should follow.