16 Things to Expect From A Loved One With Anxiety

According to Robert E. Neale, having chronic anxiety is never a good thing, and we are willing to try almost everything in order to get rid of it. He talks about this in his book named The Art of Dying.

And, those who have anxiety will agree that it makes their lives miserable. Anyway, some of the most amazing people in this world have anxiety. In fact, anxiety is accompanied by a high intelligence, creativity, sensitivity, caring too much, and a drive for success.

So, this explains why many people fall in love with people with anxiety. But dating a person with anxiety is a big challenge, there is a lot of work.

People with anxiety know that when they are not feeling okay, they are just not feeling okay, and they need to wait for it to go away. It is hard to control, almost impossible, and it is very hard for the sufferer, as well as their partner.

So, if you are dating or you want to date someone with anxiety, in this article we offer you things that you should expect.

1. Firm Boundaries

Being with someone who is anxious means that you need to expect some boundaries in your relationship. Often, people with anxiety want to spend time alone, especially if they are introverts as well.

2. Appreciation

People with anxiety pay a lot of attention to details. So, you will have appreciation even for the little things, and this is good, right?

3. Deep Bond

These people know how to love deeply. When you get into their life, and you grow on their heart, you should know that you will be there for eternity.

4. You Will Make the Plans

In your relationship, you will be the one making all of the plans because having too many plans makes anxious people stressed, and they do not need nor like that.

5. Learn How to Listen

You need to pay more attention to listening instead of advising because when these people are feeling intense anxiety, they just need to get it out of their chest.

6. There Will Be Many Anxiety Methods

Since their condition is not easy to handle, these people will always try to find new ways that may help them manage their anxiety. So, get ready for many candles, adult coloring books, essential oils, etc.

7. Give Them Reassurance

They need to hear often that they are loved and secure. You need to make sure to tell your partner that everything will be okay in the end.

8. Powerless

You need to accept that sometimes they are just powerless when it comes to anxiety. Sometimes it is so strong they cannot do anything, they just need time.

9. Deep Breathing Exercises

If you want to help your partner, you should learn some deep breathing exercises in order to show them because they are really helpful.

10. Honest Communication

Not talking openly about stuff makes your partner feel worse than they already do. So, make sure to talk openly with them because they will know if you hide something, and you will make their anxiety stronger.

11. Strange Sleep Patterns

Do not feel confused if you notice your partner having insomnia or some other sleep issue. Anxiety goes hand in hand with these sleep disorders.

12. Stability Instead of Drama

Anxious people do not like to be in a relationship that is constantly going on and off. They need stability, and they need someone who can they rely on.

13. Many Lists

Having lists that will help them be prepared makes them feel more secure. So, make sure to follow the plans.

14. Unsolvable Problems

There may be some problems for which you would not be able to find a solution. Anxious people seem complicated sometimes, and they have unique issues, and you need to be okay with not finding a way to help them.

15. Encouragement

You need to find a way to encourage your beloved to take care of themselves because health is the most important of all. They need to be healthy in order to do the things they want.

16. Take Care of Yourself

Being in a relationship with an anxious partner knows to be exhausting, and you may even forget about yourself, but you should not do that. You are a human too, and you need to take care of yourself as well.

Sometimes, you may think that your partner’s anxiety is crazy, but that is part of them. So, if you are in love with them for their other qualities, if they are worth the fight, accept them as they are. Choose unconditional love with a lot of support.

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