Spirituality is Important for Kids’ Happiness?

Spirituality Is Essential For Children's Happiness, Study Says

One psychology professor at the British Columbia University has conducted a study together with his colleagues Judy Wallace and Ben Coleman. The study says that spirituality is essential for children’s happiness.

Researchers found out that positive emotions and feelings of joy affect us, so it is important to find out which things make us experience them. We need to mention that spirituality is an internal characteristic, an inner belief on which we rely upon for comfort and strength.

Many studies have been researching happiness, and that one says that internal qualities and characteristics are the influencers, not the external factors.

Furthermore, 320 kids from eight to twelve years old were assessed to analyze the connection between happiness and spirituality. There is a completely abstract and study of the methods that are used.

According to the study, kids’ spirituality (not religious practices) has a strong connection to happiness. The authors of the study revealed that kids that expressed to be more spiritual were in fact happier.

The personal and communal aspects of spirituality were powerful predictors of kids’ happiness. Therefore, spirituality explained 27% of the differences in levels of happiness in kids.

You can enhance spirituality and promote well-being in many ways. One of the ways is to increase personal meaning. Spirituality produces a sense of meaning worth dying or living for.

So, strategies used to enhance personal meaning in the lives of kids boost happiness. For instance, kids may engage in activities such as volunteering or recording their contributions to the community in a journal.

After that, there can be made a comparison about the changes in happiness and personal meaning before and after the activities. So, those kids that showed increases in personal meaning have increased happiness as well.

Remember, spirituality is an inner belief you can rely upon for comfort and strength. From the day we are brought to this world, we are bombarded with advertising, marketing, TV, and more. Actually, everything we want and desire is programmed into us.

All the time we are searching for external factors such as money in order to increase our levels of happiness. But, when we find that thing we have been searching for, we continue looking for more to feel fulfilled and happy.

This is due to the things we have been exposed to throughout our whole lives. When you think about the people and the things they want, you can see they we all want the same things. We all want cars, money, and luxury.

Have you thought about what would happen, if we all stopped wanting those things? What would happen, if we all stopped wishing to have materialistic things? What happens to people who realize that real happiness is not in materialistic things?

That is a process of awakening, realization, and transformation. It makes one look inside them for real and long-lasting fulfillment. When we grow up, we tend to neglect and ignore our inner voice.

And, that is not good because that inner voice is your heart, joy, intuition, and belief systems. Numerous people have not managed to develop their inner voice or to listen to it.

Sadly, we are told what to believe, how to be happy, and how to live our lives. We do not have the chance to find out for ourselves how to live.

Being in a constant search for happiness and fulfillment in external factors, makes us feel sad and depressed. That is so because external factors do not give us true joy and happiness.

We have the feeling that we miss something. Even though these things may offer a temporary fulfillment, if you want something for the long term, you need to find it inside yourself.

It does not mean that you should be constantly happy, sadness is a good feeling too, and we need it. However, if we want real happiness, we need to do a lot of things.

Being programmed since our birth makes it more difficult to find fulfillment on the inside. Nothing on this planet can make you truly happy if you do not have what it takes on the inside.

When you realize that nothing external can get you true joy, at first it may feel like a dark place. But, you will continue by thinking that there is nothing wrong with you, and you are following the right way.

Keep in mind that it is okay not to find joy in external factors, and you will find joy on the inside. When you outgrow that experience, you will look for something that will feed your soul.

Of course, there are relationships, love, friends, nature, and many other things that make you happy. And, these things come from within, you feel them because of experiences.

Make sure to remember that whenever you are feeling down, you do not need anything, but you need your inner peace, happiness, and joy.