10 Tell Tale Signs Your Partner is a Good Person

10 Tell Tale Signs Your Partner Is a Good Person

There’s no need to wait for someone to confirm that the person you’re dating is a good person. You can feel it yourself, but you can also pay attention to some small but important things in your relationship.

These subtle signs can tell you if your partner is a good person. And, if that’s the case, you should hold on to them with everything you’ve got.

10 Signs Your Partner Is a Good Person

1. You Question Their Motives Although You Don’t Really Need To

Your past experiences with relationships have made you think all men or women are the same. You may think this one will also cheat or lie to win you over, but this time is different.

So, you’re actually questioning everyone from your past, and not your current partner.

2. Expecting the Worst But Getting the Best

Although you expect your partner to disappoint you, they are proving you wrong all the time. That’s probably because of your past disappointments.

3. They Always Keep Their Word Even When You Don’t Believe Them

Although you may not believe their promises, somehow they always come through. You’ve probably have had to bear too many broken promises in the past, so you’re now trying to protect yourself from another headache.

Still, they always manage to keep their promises to you.

4. You Accept to Play Dating Games But They Don’t

You may be used to texts and calls unanswered and plans unrealized, but this no longer applies here. And, you’ve maybe become one of the best players, but you don’t need that role now. You are no longer only a game to your partner.

5. They Make You Realize You Were So Miserable in the Past

Everything seems so easy with your partner now that you start to wonder how you could put up with all the bad experiences in your past? Why did you stay in a toxic relationship for so long, when you could have been this happy all this time?

In other words, his kindness makes you realize how bad you had it in the past.

6. They Don’t Have Problem to Apologize

All the douchebags in your past made you believe it’s your fault for everything, so you’ve probably never heard them apologizing to you. But, this time is different. Your partner has no problem telling you they are sorry even in situations you don’t expect it.

7. They Are Patient with You

Your partner neither wants nor makes you do something you don’t want to do. They are never forcing you to do things you are not comfortable with. Their patience with you is something new for you.

That’s because you might have been used to someone that was always trying to manipulate you.

8. Your Fights Never End Unsettled

The way you dealt with fights in your past relationships might have been by ignoring the fight and sweeping them under the rug. But, your current partner doesn’t let you go to sleep until you fix the problem.

That’s because they want to find a resolution with any problem between the two of you, not to let any bad blood to linger.

9. They Are Nice with You Even When You Don’t Deserve It

There might be times when you are not being nice, and your partner is still ready to hug you or kiss you. Even though this might seem weird to you, it’s how relationships are supposed to be – being kind to one another even in times you don’t expect it.

10. You Expect Them to Lie But They Are Always Honest

Your past relationships might have been full of lies, so you might expect your partner to do the same – to lie to get what they want from you.

But, this person is ready to face the consequences of honesty because they love and respect you. That’s why they are honest with you all the time.

If you recognize your partner in some of these signs, it means they care about you and don’t want you to get hurt. So, appreciate that and start believing in them more.