People Who Recognize Any of The 5 Things аre Old Souls?

5 Things You Are An Old Soul

Our article is not trying to make people not like each other or to attract a specific type of people. We like to comfort those who are called names, bullied, or are being judged because they do not fit in with the rest.

Some people in the world have old souls, and that must be accepted. If you belong to a group of people that feel people’s feelings, need to be alone, or believe in alternative things, you need to stay as you are.

If you are an old soul and you try to be like the rest of the people, you will feel suffering and pain. You should never allow any institution or authority to make you betray what you believe, desire, and truly are.

If you are not an old soul, you cannot understand these things, but if you want to, you can read on to find out which things only old souls know.

1. Being Alone

Old souls know how important it is to take some time away from everyday life, obligations, and other people, and to spend some time on your own. Sometimes, life can make you feel overwhelmed, and absorbing the energies of other people can really exhaust you.

The good thing is that you have learned that in order to recharge your batteries, to keep your spiritual health good, you need to spend time in nature, be alone on some bench in the park, or just spend time alone in your bedroom.

There are people that may call you a hermit or may think you are socially awkward, but you know the truth. You are aware that you spend time alone to nurture your body and soul, detox, and reflect.

2. You Want to Grow

You do not like just happiness and living a comfortable life. You want something more. Living a life that encourages you to grow and expand is that really matters to you.

Going through depression, suffering, and pain is what you would accept in order to achieve growth, experience, and knowledge. Others may think you are not making a good choice, but you are taking risks and pursuing adventures because safe play is what bores you.

You are a soul that wants to have a life filled with many experiences, good or bad, joy, pain, and numerous adventures. You do not want to leave this world if you know that you have lived a boring life.

3. Strong Intuition and Observational Skills

Since you were a child, you have been capable of reading people. When you watch some person act for several minutes, you can tell their characteristics and their way of life.

It is so accurate, that one may think you have software that locates and downloads information about people. This happens because you have encountered this person in your previous life, and you know their behavior and psychology.

You have met a lot of souls, and there is no type of person that you are not familiar with. However, this does not make you judgmental, but observational.

At social events, you may find yourself analyzing people, watching how they interact, and the exchange of energy that is happening. Being an observer seems more comfortable and natural to you than participating in conversations.

And, since you can read people, you are also a “lie detector.” You know when someone is trying to lie to you. You are capable of noticing the change in their energy level, the disassociation in their eyes, and the change in their pronunciation of words.

Although you may not be a social person, you are not naïve; you see things. People find it hard to manipulate you because you can identify their real intentions. Also, some may say you are creepy or eccentric for attempting to be a psychic.

Anyway, you know that this is natural to you, you do not pretend to feel other people’s energies or to know their thoughts.

4. You Reject Everything Ordinary

You find mainstream music passionless, heartless, and washed-up. You think that mainstream media is dishonest, tendentious, and polluted. To you, living a mainstream life is boring and disappointing.

Since you see these things in your own way, you live a different life than other people find weird. You may like listening to rock or metal music because you find radio music insupportable. You prefer your kind of music because it gives you what you want.

5. You Acknowledge Your Journey

Even though you are not attempting to be a “deep” person, sometimes, you just cannot help yourself, and you become overwhelmed with feelings of humility and thankfulness. You are aware that life is not eternal, so you never take anything for granted.

There are people who are completely distracted by worldly matters, and they cannot understand why you like spending time in nature, why you meditate, or why you just gaze at the stars.

Well, do you find yourself in the things above? If the answer is positive, then it means that you are more mature than your age, or you have had a couple of past lives in this world.

Most people do not understand these five traits, and they even find it entertaining to make fun of people who are “different.”

Everyone needs to understand those old souls are not trying to be deep, psychic, or intuitive… They just have a different soul. If you are an old soul, never let anyone change who you really are.

This world needs people who like to follow their hearts instead of following everyone else.