The Size of Our Pinky Finger Reveals Our True Self

The Size of Your Pinky Finger Reveals Your True Self

People don’t know that their little finger can reveal a lot about them. There are already many articles on palmistry, but the art is also very complicated, and it needs time. However, we offer an article in which people can find out more about themselves by the size of their little finger.

But, why do we choose the little finger? Every finger is connected with a planet, so it has a different type of energy. Our palm is seen as a map of our present, future, and past, as well as our positive and negative sides.

Our little finger which is known as Pinky is connected with Mercury – Hermes, which is the planet/God of finances, traveling, and communication. Now, you need to compare your Pinky finger with your ring finger which is connected with the Sun – Apollo.

The way we express ourselves is revealed by the length as well as the shape of our little finger. In fact, it can reveal more if you examine it fundamentally.

A) Lower Height

If the tip of your pinky finger is lower than the top joint of your ring finger, means you are often overwhelmed by your emotions. And, there are times in which you have wished to be able to have reacted in a proper way.

However, as the times goes by you find ways to show your true self. Only a few people understand how much you can give. By growing up you become more sociable and you find ways to overcome your shyness. A lot of empaths have these signs.

We recommend you to write a novel or a story because you have a lot of feelings and thoughts that need to be described. But, if something holds you back from writing, keep in mind that writing can help you think more objectively. You may become a great and popular author.

B) Equal Height

If the tip of your finger is the same height as your ring finger, you have made a balance between your extrovert and introvert qualities. However, this does not mean that you do not get angry or annoyed, but you can find a way to show your feelings in a good way.

Most of the times, you know how to control the fire that is burning inside of you. Also, you are a person that appreciates honesty and you demand it form other people.

And, you are capable of noticing that something is not right or that someone is keeping a secret from you. When this happens, you may react impulsively, but most of the time you wait for the right moment to solve your problems.

We recommend you to laugh because it is the best weapon. It will help you maintain balance and is also an expression of your warm heart.

C) Higher Height

If the tip of your pinky finger is higher than the top joint of your ring finger, then you are an extrovert and a sociable person. Even though sometimes you do not want to be around people, you are a charming person capable of attracting people.

And, even since you were a kid, you were able to attract other kids to play with you. Also, you know what you want and you can make things happen. It means that you can be a good leader, but you need to make a balance of your needs and the feelings of other people.

You should not ignore other people’s feelings. And, you should accept advice because that is a trait of the great leaders.

So, what size is your little finger?