What to Do When Our Partner Says We are Not Right for Them

What to Do When Our Partner Says We Are Not Right for Them

A lot of people have gone through the unpleasant and painful experience of being heartbroken by their partner leaving them. But, the question is how serious their relationship was?

Even though breakups are tough every time, no matter if it’s just casual dating or a long relationship, it is particularly hard when one of the partners decides to leave a serious relationship, or worse, marriage.

So, what to do on such an occasion? What is the right way to handle the situation when your partner decides you are not the one for them?

First, don’t fight with them trying to prove they are wrong. Instead, be polite and tell them you respect their opinion and decision. Accept the situation without further investigating or digging into each word they say.

Don’t remind yourself of everything that has happened just to find a possible reason for their decision. You have to understand that they don’t need you to find a reason to break up with you. Tell yourself that that’s it, that’s the end, and it’s ok.

It’s perfectly normal to fail at love again and not be chosen when you want to. It’s ok to feel the pain and even be sorry about everything. Let yourself feel everything and don’t hold back the tears that will help you deal with your emotions.

Another thing to remember is to not question yourself about your partner’s decision. It’s not about you as an individual so don’t think it’s your fault. They made this decision in their own time and from their own perspective.

If they tell you that you are not the right person for them, it means only that and nothing more. It doesn’t mean you are unlovable or that there’s something wrong with your personality. It’s just that they feel you are not compatible.

In that time, remember the life, confidence, and strength you had before them. Think about the power you have over your own life. You don’t need that person to be happy or satisfied in life.

You should realize that you should love yourself before anyone else. So, when ѕour partner wants to leave you, let them go. Know your self-worth and have enough self-esteem to let go of the one that doesn’t choose you.

Your ego might be hurt, and you might feel like a fool, but your heart could still want to change its mind. Be strong and don’t do that! Resist the urges and realize that it’s not ok to want to change someone’s mind.

Save your dignity and take back the power by letting them live with their decision by choosing the path that doesn’t involve you. You can feel bad and cry for how long it is necessary, but not in front of them.

It’s time to focus on yourself and think about your qualities. In fact, why would you care so much about a person that doesn’t think you’re right for them?

Take your time to find your true self and the things that really make you happy. It won’t be an easy process, but eventually, it’ll be easier, and you’ll feel better.

The important thing is not to blame yourself for anything, and not to force yourself to feel something you don’t feel at that time. Don’t rush anything. Just live the moment and try to understand your partner.

They are just another person who is trying to be happy and hurting you is just one part of the process. Soon, you’ll start to see the good things that came out of your breakup.

What’s more, you’ll become a stronger person, and that’s something that will help you live the life you want!

When your partner decides you are not the right person for them, don’t be angry! Appreciate the fact that they won’t waste your time any longer. You can now focus on yourself and find the one whose first choice will always be you!