12 Reasons Why Men Who Marry Nurses Have Hit the Jackpot

12 Reasons Why Men Who Marry Nurses Have Hit the Jackpot

Nurses are a combination of tough and loving, and who doesn’t want to be surrounded by such people? They don’t have problems handling gross messes and belligerent patients while comforting people in need.

To be a nurse means to be smart. Having a nurse as a partner will keep everything moving forward. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that lots of men want to marry nurses.

Here are more reasons why these women are one of the best life-partners ever.

1. Nurses Are Smart

You won’t have a problem talking with these women as they are usually not introverts. They must have a college or university degree, and some even pursue a master of science in nursing.

As you can see, becoming a nurse is definitely not simple, so don’t forget to respect them for that.

2. Good Listeners

These women are surrounded by ill people who want to tell their heart-wrenching stories to someone every day. And, they are here to listen. They know how to talk these people through their fears.

So, it’s only natural for them to listen to your problems and give you their 100% support and honest advice whenever you need.

3. Kind and Compassionate

Nurses are not only selfless at their workplace, but also at their homes with the closest ones. They are doing anything to make other people’s lives easier and better.

What’s more, they are not afraid to put another one’s needs before their own. So, kindness and compassion are some of their biggest personality traits.

4. Always Supportive

Nurses support patients in different stages of diseases no matter what time it is. And you must agree that you need both, kindness and toughness to do that.

They are strong enough to help patients deal with the most difficult time of their lives, as well as comfort them in the worst situations. One thing is for sure – nurses never let their patients quit.

So, they will do the same thing with you as a partner – they will never allow you to quit.

5. Team Players

Nurses work in a team, and they know that’s the only way to get the job done correctly. Being a great team player at work means they’re probably team players in their relationships as well.

And, who doesn’t want a partner who will consult them about major issues and involve them in decision making?

6. Getting People Through Tough Times

Part of the nurses training is helping patients calm down in stressful events by focusing on the important ones. But, this is just one of their characteristics that’s not limited only to patients. They will also give their family the support they need in the toughest times.

7. Know How to Handle Emergencies

Another part of nurses training is handling emergencies. They do this on a daily basis, so they use this experience and knowledge in other aspects of their life as well.

So, when everything seems upside down, nurses will know what to prioritize, thus making the right decision.

8. Different, Deeper Perspective on Life

Nurses are faced with situations that involve life and death every day, so they know what’s important and what not. That’s why you will rarely hear them nagging over trivial matters like a broken window or leaking tap.

9. A Steady Income

Knowing that their partner has a steady income takes the pressure off of men to be the traditional breadwinners.

10. They Are Fun

Being exposed to stressful and serious situations at work all the time, makes nurses enjoy life in every moment outside of work. They also want their partner to celebrate life and do the same.

11. A Wicked Sense of Humor

Nurses see unbelievable suffering, gross messes, and belligerent patients more than you can imagine, so a lot of them develop a wicked sense of humor over the years. Their strange jokes can surely make you laugh over a glass of wine.

12. Additional Benefits

Having a nurse in your life means knowing the best doctors and medical services you can find. Also, they will keep the health of their family members in top shape by spotting any warning signs.

That’s why being married to a nurse is like hitting the jackpot, isn’t it?