How it Feels to Be Loved by a Narcissist

How It Feels to Be Loved By a Narcissist

Ever wondered how it feels to be loved by a narcissist or what is the meaning of their love? Here, we are going to talk about narcissists as a partner and the true meaning of their expression of love.

So, when a narcissist says they are in love, they think of trying to make themselves feel like they are our everything. Like they are the center of our world.

Narcissist loves it that they have the power to take advantage of your good behavior, kindness, and they feel satisfied when they make you feel insignificant and small.

They adore the feeling of thinking of you as a vulnerable, weak, and emotionally unstable person. Using gaslighting makes them feel powerful.

They like when you concentrate on making them feel better although you will never make them feel enough loved and respected.

Being in your presence fulfills them but only because they feel you as their property, like owning a great car because they adore it when other people envy them. Having the power to make you work every day to deserve their love makes them happy.

When a narcissist says “I love you,” they want to tell you that they love it when they can love themselves through you because otherwise, often, they loath themselves. Whenever they feel “needy,” narcissist is happy to have you to blame for it.

Sometimes, you ask them why they are treating you this way, and they are happy about it. Narcissists love it when their partners get frustrated when they do not get what they wanted.

You should know that whatever you say to them, each complaint you share, they will use against you one day.  A narcissist treats you in those bad ways only to teach you that you are their object of possession, and your job is to be quiet and serve their needs.

They simply love it when you have doubts about your own worth. That is why they want to give other people what you want, in order to make you feel insecure. Whenever you feel like leaving, they have the power to make you come back, and that is what they adore.

They love it when they can convince you so easily to trust them that they are going to change. No matter how selfish it sounds, a narcissist’s “I love you” means they really want to have you in their life because they need someone who will never give them.

They need you in their life because they want to have a partner that will take them for granted, make them feel bad in order to gain satisfaction. Any sign of weakness scares them.

Expression of love by a narcissist means they love it when they are capable of making you think as they want when they can control what you think.

So, they make you see them as heavenly creatures; they make you feel dependent on them like you do not have any other option in life.

By making a narcissist feel like they are the only thing that matters in your life, you are actually making them feel like a god because everything in your life is about them.

The narcissist loves it when they have enough power to make you question your sanity, feel insecure, and wonder what is going on with you. They love it when they see themselves through your admiring eyes.

You see them as a drug, as the biggest fan, and they love that. They hate it when they feel like you, or the world is judging them. Narcissists love it when their partners beg for their love, but they will never get it.

They would not give you love because they do not want you to run away from them, they want you to keep begging and fighting for their love and admiration. They love it when they say you are the ungrateful person for not being happy about the things they do for you.

They use everything to make you feel guilty. Also, they are capable of manipulating other people and changing their opinion of you. They make others see them as the good one, and you as the bad one.

A narcissist loves it when they say to you “no” without any problems. They love it when they own what you think, they are the masters of your dreams and make sure that your only aim in life is making them happy.

No matter how bad they treat you, they want you to see them as a drug you cannot live without. If you lose them, you will lose everything – that is what a narcissist wants you to think.

They love it when they make you stay away from other people, and make you not trust them anymore so that you will get a feeling like no one wants you, but them. A narcissist wants you to feel like they are doing a good thing by giving you crumbs of love.

They love it when you tell them that they hurt you because that feeds them, which makes them aware that their plan is working. Shortly, when a narcissist says “I love you,” they mean that they love the power to be a secret that you will never be able to reveal.

No matter how hard you try to change them, you will never achieve that. If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, this should open your eyes.