The Little-Known Benefit of Lucid Dreaming

The Little-Known Benefit of Lucid Dreaming

When we fall asleep, something amazing happens to our body and soul – we dream. When we lay down on a pillow, we travel in a sphere of memory within our mind.

And, we involve in perfect documentation of the events from our life within our subconsciousness. Even though sometimes the dreams we dream may be horrific, we need them to have good emotional health as people.

Those people who suffer from depression usually have problems sleeping. So, sleeping is very important for coping with the emotions we experience in our life.

As human beings dream is necessary because if we do not have a good sleep for a longer time, we experience many health problems. Human DNA has embedded the function of dreaming. There is an aim why we spend about thirty-two years of lives sleeping.

Realizing that dreams are more than just some strange expressions of our fantasy is very important. Many things are occurring at various levels below the dreams. They help us rejuvenate, heal, and deal better with the stress and activities we have in our lives.

Many of you do not know that with the help of adequate tools and skills one can improve the dreaming experience in order to recover your life.

In this article, you are going to read about lucid dreaming which may help you heal your life, as well as about some studies about dreaming.


Probably you have asked yourself many times what dreams are. It is said that they are a metaphorical portrayal of what is happening inside us.

When we dream, the metaphors use things that we know in some form of interpretation, like what we have felt, smelt, seen, tasted, and heard. It is interesting that dreams make a different order of these experiences according to our inner desires and necessities.

One can say that in fact, dreams are a metaphor for what is happening emotionally, physically, and spiritually in our life. That is the reason why therapists are usually interested in what their patients dreams.

Often, things that we repress while we are awake experience them in our dreams. Actually, dreams can reveal a lot about us, our past, as well as our emotional health.

Even though dreams seem strange, science says that they are a strong resource for emotional resolution. Likewise, dreams help us get ready for the stress we will experience in life, as well as provide us with rest.

One of the most amazing things about dreaming is that when we dream we get away from time and space, and we can see our deepest true self. So, we can learn a lot about the darkest chambers in our hearts.

Since we have the ability to learn a lot about ourselves, many people think that lucid dreaming may help us get to our subconscious mind and that we are able to control our dreams. (1)

A lucid dreaming practitioner says that this experience is real. We are capable of healing ourselves with the help of lucid dreaming. The best thing about this is that we can all learn how to do this treatment.

For Those Who Do Not Believe

For a long time, many representatives of the scientific community did not believe in lucid dreaming and the capability of controlling the mind while being asleep.

Even those who were highly educated used to think that lucid dreaming was complete nonsense. However, some studies have changed their opinion. According to Dr. Stephen LaBerge, we can promote growth and self-development through lucid dreaming.

Also, we can boost our self-esteem, as well as improve our physical and mental health. The previous year in Germany, at the Max Planck Institute, lucid dreaming was confirmed as a scientific fact.

And, it was shown to be reproducible and testable as well. During the study, lucid dreamers were supposed to go through some brain scans while doing some basic activities in order to prove that they can be conscious during dreaming.

Before the lucid dreamers falling asleep, they were asked to do the simple task of rotating their fist clench from left to right. They were also asked to talk back to the researchers from their beds when they were entering a lucid dream, and do the same task with the first.

It was amazing that the dreamers activated the same brain parts when they did the task with the fist during the REM sleep. This sounds cool.

What Happens In a Dream Does Not Need to Stay There

Our subconscious mind is like a library that has a lot of information about us like our emotions, our threats, and so on.

A lot of these secrets are hidden in our conscious mind, but they are still able to appear in our dreams, and frequently, we think that what we have dreamt was real. Sometimes, we wake up with strong emotions that affect our lives.

Probably many of you have experienced this, and it can affect your day after waking up. Our subconscious mind works through patterns.

We know this because it controls almost everything in our psyche that needs repetition like a heartbeat, reaction to a certain situation and people, etc. This happens through the mechanism of dreaming.

Heal Your Emotions through Lucid Dreaming

Some of the subconscious patterns that are tied in our heart, mind, and life can be corrected with the help of lucid dreaming. Lucid dreamers use lucid dreaming to get past repetitive dreams and nightmares.

A study says that there is a connection between people who have repetitive dreams and people with anxiety, PTSD, and OCD.

Also, studies say that lucid dreaming can help people win over these disorders through conscious control and changing these experiences.

Several years ago, a man told his incredible story about a continuous nightmare he had been having for more than a decade. This man overcame this when he confronted the character from his nightmare while he was in a lucid state.

When you can, you can listen to this story. Shorty, when you consciously control your dreams, you can treat everything that has had a huge impact on your life. You can do this with the help of lucid dreaming. Each of you can learn it, but it needs a little practice.

There are many types of lucid dreaming methods, and some of them may be a waste of time. If you want to have lucid dreams, you can check out the amazing program.

And, if you want to learn more about yourself through lucid dreaming, you can journal your dreams. Journaling has many therapeutic benefits, and keeping a dream journal can help you learn about your emotions a lot.

After two weeks of writing a journal, average people experience lucid dreaming.