A Letter to the One That Was Never Meant to Be

A Letter to the One That Was Never Meant to Be

He was her weakness, her hidden and shameful desire. She craved his attention more than life itself. It only took a few glances and a couple of words for them to become one. They quickly turned that encounter in a hot evening.

In only a couple of seconds, he set her on fire. But, that passion soon vanished as quickly as it appeared.

Have you ever felt this way for someone?

“It turned out you are not someone who I can imagine spending my life with. You are not someone who I can spend the night talking for hours.

You are not someone who will keep me awake at night. You are not someone who I will think about day and night. But, just seeing you, your name, or face makes my heart tremble. I am excited beyond measure.

I want to see you, I want to be with you, but I can’t devote myself to you. For now, you are mine, but I have no idea for how long. We both know that what we have is a silent agreement. Nothing more and nothing less.

We both crave attention from a stranger we barely know. We enjoy this façade of mystery. You and I both know that this feeling is not love, it is lust. From the moment I met you, you took my breath away.

I get excited just by thinking of doing something I have never done before, and you were the one thing I have never tried. The only thing that gave me the kind of adrenaline I needed at that particular moment.

Just the thought of you made my heart go wild. But, we both know this can’t last. It is only a matter of time before we both find where we belong. The moment that happens the chain will be broken, and our fates will no longer be intertwined.

We will eventually stop seeing each other, and that’s to be expected. I know it. You and I both used each other for the same reason. We wanted to escape. We wanted to find a way out of this mundane and boring routine.

We tried to exceed our limits, but we have reached the end. Everything we had was for the sake of pleasure. Nothing else. But, now that you have given up, I have given up as well. For you, I am no longer interesting.

As it turns out you are far more insecure than I am. The moment I started believing that you are the right gateway and the perfect person for an unconventional partnership, you revealed at once all of your flaws.

For you, I was simply entertainment. You are a child. That is exactly why you feel the way you feel right now. I am grateful you showed me your true face before it was too late. And thank you for showing how reckless I can be.

You are a child if you think I was your prize. When you grow up, we will probably meet again. But, then you will only exchange a few words with me and a glance. Well, that is everything I will ever need. After all, that proves you have matured.

Your one that was never meant to be.