Why Do We Need to Learn How to Cut Etheric Cords?

Why You Need To Learn The Ritual Of Cutting Etheric Cords

Sometimes we are so connected to some people; they may even have control over our emotions. The invisible bond we share with these people in a relationship is because of the Etheric cord. When can we see the cord?

When we are in a romantic relationship with a person, we can see the Etheric cord. So, being romantically involved with someone stimulates the energy cord with that individual. With the sharing of our thoughts, emotions, and feelings the cord becomes stronger.

According to Doreen Virtue who is a spiritual doctor, that cord is like a pipe that connects two individuals, and the energy flows through it forward and backward. It may happen to us to feel what our partner feels even when we have not talked to them.

Because of the Etheric cord, there is high-frequency communication which is why we know what the other person thinks even when they are quiet.

It reminds me of telepathy, but it seems to be more. Although it appears as a nice thing, would it be nice if we share an Etheric cord with someone who is not close to us?

While we are connected with a beloved person, there is an energetic as well as vibrant source exchange, but being connected with a person we do not like our feelings and energy may be drained out.

Now you can see what the difference between a healthy and unhealthy cord is. Most of us learn about this special cord we share with someone due to the powerful emotional connection we have with those individuals.

However, it is not good when we are annoyed by someone’s attempt to manipulate us, or we become afraid or obsessive about the individual. No one would like the fact that someone can have access to our own energy field without being allowed.

So, when this happens, we should think about cutting that unhealthy Etheric cord in order to be free and save our energy for those we love.

When an Etheric cord is being cut, there is a release of negative energy, and you get positive opportunities. And, there is a renewal of energy and a sense of peace.

How to Cut an Etheric Cord?

In the previous section, you have understood the meaning as well as the importance of the Etheric cord, and now you probably question how you can cut it. Bellow, you can the steps that can help you out, you just need to follow them.

  • First of all, you need to find someplace where you can be on your own. Make sure not to have any distractions.
  • Secondly, you need to try to relax by breathing deeply.
  • Thirdly, once you feel completely relaxed, you should shut your eyes. Then, try reminding yourself of your spirit or angel that guides you to help you during the process.
  • Moreover, when you feel your angel, you should start reading out loud the following mantra:

“My dear Angel, I am asking you to heal me and help me cut the Etheric cords to get rid of the negative energies that repress me. Not all of the cords are filled with love, light, and positivity. So, please help me. When the cords are freed, give me a healing and positive light to keep me safe from other negative cords. I am thankful to you.”

  • Finally, shut your eyes and imagine the cords being freed. If you find that there is still a connection, repeat the mantra again till you feel you are completely free.

You should know that this ritual has no right or wrong way of doing it, so you can do it from your heart. When you are done you can take a bath with warm water and make sure to relax in a comfortable and peaceful environment.

In order to know if the ritual has been successful, you should notice if you feel light, balanced, and more energized. If the answer is positive, then the ritual has worked.

Furthermore, you can feel your mind calmer, and the emotions you have had with that person will no longer exist because the connection is cut. You can feel the extra space in your head that you can fill with positivity.

When you see how amazing it feels to be free from the negative energy you have had while being attached to those people, you would wonder why other people do not know about this.

Finally, if you have a person in your life that is holding you back, do not think twice, but cut that cord. Or, if you know someone in your life that is filled with negativity because of a connection to some toxic person, you can tell them about this freeing ritual.