If You Stop Giving Me Attention I Will Ignore You Too

If You Stop Giving Me Attention I Will Ignore You Too!

For some people, it is really not a problem to always initiate a conversation in a relationship. They really don’t care if they always have to make the first move. They understand they are slightly more aggressive and forward than the rest of the people.

They are not intimidated by the fact that they have to ask how you are feeling just so they can tell you they miss you. Besides, they have done it so much in the past that they will keep doing it in the future as well.

But, no matter how hard they try to make the relationship work, no matter how much they try to make their partner talk, they get nothing for it. All their efforts are in vain. Even when they are the ones initiating everything in the relationship, they have nothing to gain.

Their partner never reciprocates their efforts. Even though they are devoting their time, it looks like their partner barely spends second thinking about them. So, they decide to give up.

They decide to stop investing so much time in someone who doesn’t deserve them. They will stop pouring their soul and heart into whatever is they share with their partner.

Since their efforts are not being appreciated, it is best to stop trying and live their life as normal human beings. After all, they are sick and tired of playing the same waiting game over and over again.

Waiting for their lover to give them attention. Passively waiting and wondering if they are ever going to reply. They are sick of the mini-heart attack they experience every time the phone rings. These moments are so rare and special to them.

And what do they get in return? One-word replies. Yup, that’s right. Only one word to answer a million questions. Well, they are sick and tired of all these pointless conversations. If they will not get the appreciation they deserve, they will stop trying.

This is where they will draw a line. After all, they deserve better. They have given their everything and tried their best. It is over now! Now they realize they are worth a million times more. There is nothing their ‘’lover’’ can do to change their mind.

Now it is too late. Now that they know their worth they know what they deserve, and they deserve someone who will love them. Someone who will show care and true respect. Because there is no point in trying to make things work.

If something is not meant to work out, you shouldn’t be caught in this endless cycle of despair, sadness, and nothingness. Talking to someone who doesn’t care is like talking to a wall. A wall will say more than them.

If you are in this situation, you should take a hint. You may love your partner, but they may not love you back. What you should do is respect yourself and all the effort you put into the relationship. Don’t try so hard to include them in your life.

If they don’t want to be in it, so be it. Find someone who will. Let yourself move on and find happiness. Don’t give up. Fight until the end, and fight for the things that make you happy. You have done nothing wrong, you only did your best.