To the Girls Who Have Loved Someone Who Didn’t Deserve Them

To the Girls Who Have Loved Someone Who Didn't Deserve Them

Salute to all the girls that have loved someone that did not deserve them. They are not dumb. In fact, they are brave to fall in love with a person like that. They are the ones with true worth. And, here is why:

They Have the Power to Love

They deserve to be saluted because they have the power to love people who do not love them the same. Being brave to stay when everything hurts deserves a bow. Also, choosing to stay even though they have so many reasons to leave him is a pure act of love and bravery.

Staying with a person who loves his ex and his next, but he does not love you, is brave. Staying with a person that calls you only at night, and the person that likes to send you home, but not to take you home deserves a salute.

You choose this person that will never accept you, not even when you do whatever it takes.

You Have Faith in People

As a girl who has faith that her beloved can change, you deserve acknowledgment. You have faith that one day he will become aware of your effort and love, and he will realize that you are an incredible person.

And, you believe that he will decide to love you back as he should. You deserve to be acknowledged because you accept a tiny amount of love although you know that you deserve more.

You Give Your Heart Even When They Reject It

It takes bravery to love someone and give them your heart while they refuse to accept it. It takes courage to let him hold your hand although you know he will let it go. Spending your precious time on the person that wants you only when they are bored deserves a salute.

You Are Durable

If you think you are stupid, you are not. Remember, you are a firm girl to accept the man who does not love you back again and again. You are a strong person who is able to endure disrespect and respond with love.

You Care, Hope, and Expect

Your love for him is huge, so you allow him to hurt you and break you into pieces. A sparkle of hope lives inside you. You hope that he will love you back, and that sparkle never dies. And, you never stop expecting him to change for the better.

All of you, girls, you deserve RESPECT for loving more than you are loved. Being able to love people that cannot love you back is a sign of strength.

Besides all of those stories about why you are not meant for each other, you have always managed to find several reasons why you ARE meant to be.

You Are Forgiving

Although you have been hurt and taken for granted countless times, you choose to forgive him. Besides all the hurtful words you have heard, and no matter how wounded your soul is, you are still that loving person who knows how to love.

You always vote for love and understanding, and you always accept pain and overcome it.

All the girls around the world deserve to be saluted because loving is hard. It can be frightening, tortuous, distasteful, but you still go for it. You go for people that are hard to be loved.

You go for people that are wrong for you, and that is not stupidity, but pure bravery. Please, girls, never give up on love, sooner or later you will find the person you deserve.