If People Cheat on Their Partner, Then No, That’s Not Love…

If People Cheat On Their Partner, Then No, That's Not Love…

Ever cheated on someone? People who cheat or have cheated should know that it is one way to show they don’t love their partner. Real love does not have space for cheating. Those people who ever cheated on someone may have been lying to themselves about what they truly feel.

Even though it’s hard to accept, it is the truth. Shortly, it is the ugly truth. A healthy relationship needs communication, honesty, faithfulness, respect, and loyalty.

When you are completely in love with someone, you can never think of being with someone else. Your partner is the one, and there is no one else. But, cheating is the poison of which your relationship dies.

Infidelity breaks your partner’s heart, trust, and they probably will lose faith that real love exists. Also, when you cheat on a person that has real and deep feelings for you, you cause them extreme pain.

If you have experienced this, you know the struggle is real. After the pain, the anger and the rage that you have been keeping inside you come out.

The pain you feel like you have been kicked in your gut and you had your heart torn apart. And while you were feeling this pain, you constantly wonder what went wrong, what did you do wrong.

But, you should know that the person that was unfaithful to you did not love you, and that has nothing to do with you. Infidelity is their fault; it is not yours, so do not beat yourself up for that. People who cheat are not prepared for the commitment.

They have no respect for their partners, and they even do not see them as partners. When a person truly loves you, they could never imagine hurting you in any way. They would not want to see you suffer.

We can conclude that cheating means that you do not respect your partner, and that is the end of the story. Cheaters have no respect. True love requires honor, and cheating is definitely not an honorable act.

When we think of love, we want to be in love with someone who would be our best friend. We need someone who challenges us, makes us laugh, and someone who can make us feel comfortable.

This person we would never hurt, and they would never hurt us. But, what is the reason behind cheaters saying they love you, and then stab a knife in your back? This is explained by Gigi Engle who is a former cheater. (1)

She says that she has had relationships with which she cared and loved her partners, but she did not love them enough. She loved them in different ways. However, she was unfaithful.

Being able to resist the urge to be with someone else means you have respect towards your relationship, but if you go and have coitus with others says something else.

Furthermore, Gigi says that she is now in a relationship in which she feels completely in love with her partner. She has a huge respect for her beloved. And now, she cannot even imagine being with someone else.

She does not want to even think of hurting her boyfriend because her heart breaks. For those of you who wonder whether it is possible for a cheater to fall in love, the answer is yes.

They are capable of loving someone so deeply that they would never even think of cheating on them. They would never wake up in someone else’s bed.

Although they have been unfaithful in their past, cheaters can find a person that will steal your heart, and they will have it for eternity. If you want to have a healthy relationship, you need to be honest and respectful.

Honesty and respect are the true signs that you are going in the right direction. You and your partner need to have a good communication and talk openly about everything.

When you have a problem, talk about it in order to find a solution, not to create even bigger problems. Of course, in order to be capable of loving your partner, you need to love yourself first.

This world has numerous idiots that will find a way to your heart, and then, they will break it. Nonetheless, no matter how many heartbreaks you experience, you should never stop believing in true love.

And, you need to remember that cheating has nothing to do with you or your worth. You are beautiful, intelligent, and special human being who does not deserve to be hurt in any way. Never lose self-confidence because someone decided to be disrespectful to you.