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Amazing: Cuddle with Wolves in Norway

In Norway, at Polar Park, people are able to cuddle with domesticated wolves while they are learning about their role in the ecosystem. Probably, people cannot imagine themselves cuddling with a wolf, but in Norway that is possible. An Animal Wildlife Rescue allows people to interact with wolves, and people are lining up for it. […]

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8 Reasons Why We Need More Hugs

8 Scientifically Proven Reasons to Give Hugs

Nowadays, many people are under stress. It has an impact on their everyday lives. So, people try various methods to have control over stress, but there is one way – hugging. Hugs are free and have an incredible effect on stress and negativity. According to some studies, hugging is one of the best ways to […]

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Animals Are Considered Sentient Creatures in the Best Country in the World?

All Animals are Sentient, New Zealand Set an Example!

With expectations for animal welfare constantly increasing, one particular country has put a law into action that legally recognizes all animals as sentient beings. The term sentient being is used to refer to beings that have a conscious. These beings are subject to suffering, illusion, and rebirth. So, in New Zealand, animal owners must treat […]

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