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As Above so Below: Have Scientists Found a Multidimensional Universe Inside Our Brain?

Scientists Have Discovered a Multidimensional Universe in the Human Brain

Scientists have discovered that the human brain has shapes and structures that contain up to 11 dimensions. Neuroscientists are intrigued by the discovery and welcome it with open arms. They say they have found a world they never thought existed. With the help of algebraic topology and mathematical methods, scientists were able to find multidimensional […]

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9 Plants That Protect Us from Mosquitoes

No matter how much we love sitting outside during the cool summer nights, we may change our mind because of the annoying mosquitoes. The other option is to cover ourselves from head to toe to keep these bloodsuckers away from us. But, that will surely make the weather less enjoyable, right? However, there’s a simpler solution […]

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A Thermometer Just Broke At -62°C (-80°F) In The World’s Coldest Village, And The Photos Are Breathtaking

Breathtaking Photos At -62°C (-80°F) In The World’s Coldest Village

Welcome to the coldest village Oymyakon, where the students attend class till the temperatures reach -62°F or – 52°C. The Siberian village is thought the be the coldest inhabited settlement on the planet. Moreover, it plummeted to -80°F or -62°C in winter. So, complaining about the weather at our place is silly in comparison to […]

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