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A Thermometer Just Broke At -62°C (-80°F) In The World’s Coldest Village, And The Photos Are Breathtaking

Breathtaking Photos At -62°C (-80°F) In The World’s Coldest Village

Welcome to the coldest village Oymyakon, where the students attend class till the temperatures reach -62°F or – 52°C. This Siberian village is thought the be the coldest inhabited settlement on the planet. Moreover, it plummeted to -80°F or -62°C in winter. Now you probably think complaining about the weather at your place is silly […]

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Farmers’ Almanac Warns of Brutal Winter

Farmers' Almanac Predicts a Brutal Winter in 2018

Will this winter be freezing, wicked, or wonderful? Well, it seems that the Farmers’ Almanac knows the answer. They expect above-average snow to the northeast. And since nothing good lasts forever, the Farmers’ Almanac crash our wintery dreams by reminding us of the cruel freezing winter days that await. Here is the unusual winter weather […]

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170 Million Americans are Drinking Radioactive Water – This Interactive Map Shows If You Are Too

A new recent investigation brought shocking news. More than 50% of America’s drinking water is radioactive! It contains 2 major radioactive compounds that can cause cancer, such as chromium-6 and radium. A subject people don’t talk a lot about is the drinking water problem. As a result, a group of independent investigators tried to shed […]

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