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Love Yourself Even When Life is Not Fair

Love Yourself Even When Life Is Not Fair

Every now and then, we all feel down in life, and that is normal. However, you need to motivate yourself to find hope in the little things. When your friend tells you an amusing story, you should be able to smile. Even if you are feeling sad, you should see the beauty in the fall […]

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16 Things Our Successful Friends Have Given Up

16 Things Successful People Just DON'T Do

When we think about our successful friends and our not-so-successful friends, we realize the things they do in order to be the way they are. But, if someone doesn’t have any successful friends, then they will learn a few tips. First of all, successful people have a different opinion, they think in a different way, […]

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30 Challenges for 30 Days to Become a Better Person

30 Day Challenges Become a Better Person

There are people who always try to be better than yesterday. They can try the 30-day challenge. Below they have 3 levels of challenges that will make them a better person. Easy level Intermediate level Hard level No matter which of the levels they choose, all of them can make a big difference in people’s […]

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What is Positive About Being Single?

What Is Positive About Being Single

When single, people are happy. They love the fact that they have the tv remote all for themselves, and they can watch their favorite shows without being judged. They go out to dinners, parties, they are happy where they are in life. They are truly loving life. And then something happens. A lovely couple walking […]

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