4 Reasons Why Arguing Can Be Good for the Relationship

4 Reasons Why Arguing Can Be Good for the Relationship

Usually, relationships start with butterflies and hearts. At the very beginning of the relationship, everything is dandy and fine. Both partners agree and often or maybe too often, compromise.

However, as this ideal relationship moves past that part known as the honeymoon stage, we begin to show differences, opinions, and personalities as well.

That is the moment that you might go through fluctuation in the harmony of your relationship. This is where your relationship gets tested. In case you have healthy arguments, you can learn a lot about each other and from one another.

Do you argue with your significant other and you begin losing faith in the relationship? Well, don’t because you should know that arguing strengthens the relationship between both of you.

If both of you argue, that might mean that you know each other well enough to be able to speak your mind. Arguing shows understanding. Don’t get confused. You need to see arguing as a form of communication.

It shows the ability to teach each other; it shows different perspectives and individualism. You should bear in mind that arguments don’t always have to be an indicator of problems in the relationship.

When we talk about arguing, we talk about the one who doesn’t involve physical and emotional abuse. Arguing requires skills that usually take time to create. To have a mature and healthy argument, you need to:

  • Stick to the topic
  • Speak up when you feel your anger rising
  • Listen to the other person
  • Don’t insist on being always right
  • Don’t say mean words you will later regret

4 Reasons Why Arguing Can Be Good for Couples

Reason #1 Healthy Arguing Can Be a Sign That You Want to Solve Your Problems

Your arguments can be intensely emotional for a good reason. Both of you are probably aware that things are not as you want them to be, but that doesn’t mean that you need to walk away and leave the relationship in the past.

You love your significant other too much to do that. Instead, both of you will push for changes, even if that means emotionally draining arguments.

Reason #2 Those Couples Who Argue Are More Passionate

This is known as “arousal transfer.” To be more precise, when an individual is excited by 1 stimulus, they are easily excited by another.

In a relationship that has an arousing and deep passion, which is considered 1 stimulus, it can be expected for little annoyances (another stimulus) to make an equally intense response.

And on the end of that intense negative response, there is even more intense passion, known as arousal transfer.

Reason #3 – Arguing Means Both of You Are Comfortable Enough to Speak Their Mind

Believe it or not, but arguing can also be a sign that both of you are very well aware that you can speak your mind without fear that the relationship will have a dramatic end.

Sure, things might get heated and ugly, but that is when both of you calm each other since you are aware of just how much you love each other and know that you aren’t going to let this argument ruin things for you.

Reason #4 By Arguing You Learn More About Each Other

When there is no conflict between you two, it is common that both of you to become “flat characters.” There is no real personality and no three-dimensionality.

However, when there is a conflict, both individuals realize that there is some depth in their partner. They come with flaws that inevitably become apparent when there is a conflict.

And those flaws as long as not severe, are like magnets. What they do is increase mutual attraction on a deeper level.

Final Thoughts

Trust, mutual respect, compassion, love, and compromise are all vital factors of a happy and healthy relationship. Just like everything else in life, moderation is the key.

Surely, you don’t want to disrespect or insult your loved one. Remember, that you can still state your point but in a manner that both of you can hear. Be careful the way you present any discussion.

You see, the purest form of love is the way you behave towards your loved one and not the way you feel about them.