8 Things Life Has Taught Us Women

8 Things Life Has Taught Us Women

Here are eight things life has taught women:

1. Stop Being a People-Pleaser

Trying to please everyone may seem like a nice thing. And, we all want to be in harmonious relationships with people.

However, each one of us who has attempted to make people happy ended up irritated and exhausted.

Also, trying to please everyone makes us incapable of making the people we truly care about happy.

In one day of 24 hours, you have a limited amount of energy. So, you need to use it wisely.

In some cases, this means you will need to say ‘no’ to overtime working, a family reunion, etc. You need to take some time for yourself to recharge your batteries.

Realizing that not every opinion of other people is important will have a positive effect on your sanity and relationships.

Ali McGraw is an actress, animal rights activist, and model. In the video below she explains why saying ‘no’ is difficult for many people.

Also, she talks about the reason she brought a decision to say ‘no’ often.

2. Evaluate Your Goals

A lot of people spend years going for the things they are not even sure they like.

Every year you should stop and take a pause on your habits and let yourself consider the things that are significant to you.

Also, you should think about how the things that are important to you may have changed. The most important thing is to make new adjustments to get your new aims.

Sometimes, in this case, some women want to know how to be better parents to their children.

Other people want to know how to save more money, or, how to create time to dedicate more to emotional and spiritual growth.

You may learn many things, but you need to respect your values.

3. Do Not Compare Yourself to Other People

Like it was not difficult enough to compare yourself to the people you know, social media appeared.

However, you need to know that no matter how perfect other people’s lives may seem they are not.

Well, you should stop comparing your achievements with others, and pay more attention to your own life.

You should learn how to stop judging by the outside looks and appreciate life. Find comfort when you are feeling sad, be happy about the good things, and learn from your mistakes.

You have a unique life, and every life is followed by many amazing experiences.

Once, in an interview, Ali McGraw said that being a noble human and having connections with other people is what really matters.

4. Do Not Wait for Other People Recognize You

Women you need to know that you should be the biggest fan of yourself. Many times when you have done a really good job people will not notice it.

Do not expect other people to appreciate you because it hurts when they do not. You need to learn to rely on and be proud of yourself.

Other people’s recognition is just an extra. It is okay to talk with your partner about support and to teach your kids to be thankful.

5. Do Not Let Your Health Stress You

Thinking that physical and mental health are two separate things is a huge mistake.

If you are one of those people who check their weight every day and feel guilty if they missed exercising or chose to eat a whole piece of cake, you need to stop.

You are taking proper care of your overall health. Also, you should remind yourself that stress affects your body and causes many illnesses.

So, taking care of yourself means enjoying your life too.

6. Talk About Your Experiences

Not talking about your experiences is easy. However, other generations may have use of listening about your life.

This does not mean that you should make young people sit down and listen to you. It means you should always be open to talking about your life stories.

Other young people will really like to learn about you, the world, as well as themselves.

7. Be Proud of Yourself When You Age

When women start to get grey hair or excess fat, they are convinced that they are not beautiful nor smart anymore.

Appreciating your body however it looks like, will make you happier and have more self-confidence.

In an interview back in May 2017, Ali talked about her earlier years when she was worried about her looks. She said that was boring.

According to her when everything seems perfect, there is no more sexuality.

Well, ladies, forget about your freckles, cellulite, wrinkles, and grey hair. You are extremely beautiful.

8. Live in the Present

Now and then go and spend some money on yourself.

It is good to try new stuff when you have a possibility. You need to use more ‘no’ as an answer if you want to enjoy more stuff you like.

Get some courage and face your own fears. Love strongly and forgive often. Live your life as you like! And, do not forget to shoot a lot of photos by the way.

If you agree with these tips, and you got motivated, please share them with other people.

Source: The Hearty Soul