Who Knew That a Sock Can Prevent Car Windows From Fogging Up

Did You Know a Sock Can Prevent Your Car Windows From Fogging Up?

A clever tip that can prevent car windows from fogging. Winter mornings are never easy. When the weather is too cold, there are many problems that can happen with our car.

We suppose everyone hates it when car windows are fogged, so we offer a great way to fix it. All we need to save ourselves are socks?

Foggy Windows Vs. Socks

This is a very simple method, and you do it just once, and then you let it stay in your car during the whole winter, and it will do its magic. Probably, you question yourself what should you do with socks. You need to stuff a sock with cat litter.

But, how is this helpful? Well, cat litter is made to take in humidity even the humidity from the air. So, if there is no excess water in the air in your car, there will not be condensation.

This is helpful during the winter because the air outside is colder than the inside of your car which is why there is condensation on your car. Anyway, the same problem happens during the summer days when there is a cold rainy day.

If you leave a cool glass of water outside, there will be condensation on the outside. This extra water happens because of the warm air that touches the cold glass.

Prevent Fog with Cat Litter?

The crystal cat litter is the best because it does not smell much. The regular clumping litter leaves a dusty smell in your car which is not very nice. You can watch the video below to see two more ways that can help you solve the problem.

So, all you need to do this trick is a sock you do not use anymore, crystal cat litter, as well as tape. Then, the first thing to do is to wrap each sock around the tape roll in order to make it easier to pour.  Pour the cat litter in the sock.

Next, tie off the ankle, and the rest of the sock flip it over the foot part. Or, you can fill the sock completely and tie the end with a string. And, finally, you should put the sock on the dashboard. Also, you can make one more sock to put it in the back of your car.

We hope this article was helpful. If you know any other trick that can be helpful during the winter, please, share it with us.