8 Clever Comebacks to Put Arrogant People in Their Place

8 Clever Comebacks to Put Arrogant People in Their Place!

We all have that one arrogant person in our life who thinks they know everything. They can really get on our nerves and make us feel bad, but only if we let them. Instead of getting upset, angry, or sad, we should find a way to cope with their arrogance.

Our response and reaction to an arrogant person is a reflection of our integrity as people who stand up for ourselves.

They may bully those around them, use condescending language, act rude, or become intolerant of people, so it’s not always easy to be around them. They could even shake our self-confidence.

We are not always ready for their arrogant comments, so we often don’t know what to say or how to tell our opinion and stick up for ourselves. But, we deserve to be treated with respect and to have our voices heard!

So, here are a few witty comebacks that will shut them up and help you deal with their arrogance with dignity.

8 Clever Comebacks for Arrogant People

1. ’What Makes You Say That?’

Use this comeback to make the arrogant person think about what they just said. To make them think about the logical basis for the comment they just gave. The goal is to make them realize they made a negative statement that has never been proven.

You can use this comeback to deal with stereotyping or generalization.

2. ’You Know My Father Is… Right?’

Arrogant people usually talk about negative stereotypes by singling out a group of people by education, race, etc. Their intention is to make themselves superior to a specific group of people by putting them down.

But, you can say that someone close to you like your father or mother is a member of that group, and the arrogant person will stop talking. They’ll be shocked to see that you’re not going to tolerate their negative talk, or that someone might be insulted by their comments.

So, the person will probably apologize and stop the negative comments.

3. ’You Know That There Are Different Points of View, Right?’

With this reply, you will make them feel embarrassed by not knowing that there is more than one point of view for everything in this world. They will realize that other people don’t agree with their negative comments.

4. ’I Didn’t Understand, Why You Are Superior to ….?’

If they act or say they are better than others, ask them to explain why is that so. Why should you treat them differently than others? They might give you an “interesting” answer, but in most cases, they should feel awkward.

5. ’I Would Appreciate If You Stop Talking on That Topic’

If the arrogant person starts to sound rude when speaking on some topic, it’s time to end that as rudely as they started the conversation. Use this reply to make them stop saying those hateful words.

And, if you choose to leave them because of their language, saying this comeback before leaving will at least give them something to think about.

6. ’I’m Sure You Didn’t Mean to Sound So Arrogant’

With this reply, you are saying you believe that they don’t have bad intentions, even though you have no proof of that.

This comeback allows them to find a way out by telling you they didn’t want to sound rude, but it also makes them realize you don’t want to join their belittlement of others.

7. ’Do You Know How Arrogant You Sound When You Say Something Like That?’

This comeback is intended to show them that their comments are completely unacceptable. According to many psychologists, arrogance is linked to manipulation and narcissism, as opposed to modest people who are not preoccupied only with themselves.

8. ’Remember When I Asked for Your Opinion? Me neither.’

Use this replay as a joke to make light of the situation, but at the same time stand your ground. It sounds funny, which can be useful when the conversation becomes too heavy and you want to avoid unnecessary stress for both of you.

Also, it’s a smart way to respond to a negative comment as you will put an end to a negative comment with a joke. The score for you!

Use these clever comebacks to put arrogant people in their place!