20 Winter Survival Hacks that Will Help Us Out

20 Winter Survival Hacks that Will Help You Out

Since winter is coming, and with it, we will have to face cold weather, freezing locks, cold beds, frosty windows, etc., we offer a list of 20 excellent winter survival hacks that can help us out.

1. Foggy Windshields

Being on the road with foggy windows and windshields is quite dangerous. People can clear the fog by using a chalkboard eraser, or roll down the windows, and let some fresh air in their car.

How to fog-proof our windshield?

  • Use shaving cream for your windows. Put it on the inside, and then wipe it off. These creams have the same ingredients as defoggers, so they leave a layer on the windows to keep the fog off.
  • Use kitty litter to fill a stocking, and keep it in your car overnight. It will absorb the water.
  • Before turning off your car, open the windows and let the dry air in.
  • Do not keep water bottles in your car because the water freezes on the inside of the windows.
  • The air conditioning in your car is one of the best defoggers.

2. Socks

Keeping an extra pair of socks in your car may help you on winter days. In case you have to push your car over ice, you can put your socks over your shoes. Also, in order to keep the snow off of your windshields, you can use the socks too.

3. Use Solar Energy

Using solar energy is friendly to our planet Earth. You should keep your curtains open to let the sun come in and warm your home.

4. Park East

If you have a chance, park your car by facing it towards the east. So, in the morning, when the sun rises, it will defrost the windshields.

5. Warm Your Bed

Since it is very cold in winter, you should pre-warm your bed by using a bottle with hot water or an electric blanket.

6. Make Yourself a Hand Warmer

Take two Ziploc bags and some salt. In one of the bags add some salt, and the other bag fills it with water and puts it in the salt bag. When you want to warm, your hands pop the inside bag and shake. Also, there is an easier way if you have a microwave.

Take a sock and fill it with rice, and then, warm it in a microwave.

7. Homemade Anti-Icing Windshield Washer Fluid

Make a mixture of ¼ alcohol, ½ cup of water, and 1 teaspoon dish soap. This liquid will help you cut the ice.

8. Keep Your Locks from Freezing

If you want to keep your locks from freezing, spray some WD40 in the keyholes. It will prevent the locking mechanism from freezing.

9. Keep Your Doors from Freezing Shut

If you want to prevent your doors from freezing, you should cooking spray. Yes, you read right.

10. Use Oil for Your Shovel

If you like shoveling snow, you should put some oil on your shovel. This tip will keep the snow from sticking to the shovel.

11. Use Plastic

If you do not have an ice scraper, utilizing plastic such as credit cards, debit cards, etc. will help you scrape the ice from your windshield.

12. Plastic Bags

If you know that there is bad weather coming, take some plastic bags to cover your side-view mirrors. You can utilize a tie or a rubber band to hold them in place.

13. Defrost Your doors, locks, and handles

There are several ways that can help you in defrosting your car doors, locks as well as handles.  For instance, use a lighter or a match to heat your car key, and put in the lock to melt the ice. Also, you can use a straw to blow directly into the frozen lock door.

And, rubbing the key in a hand sanitizer will be helpful as well since the alcohol helps in defrosting the ice.

14. Improve Your Headlights

Use toothpaste and warm water to cleanse the headlights. This is a cheap way to improve the visibility of your headlights.

15. Keep Your Car Clean

During wintertime, you should keep your car clean because de-icing products may seriously damage it. On a warmer day, use a grass sprinkler to clean underneath your car. Put it under your car and drive back and forth.

16. Get Un-stuck

Keeping about 20 pounds of kitty litter in your trunk will put some weight on your back tires. Also, if you get stuck, you can spread the kitty litter under the tires, and you should have a small shovel.

Likewise, you can use your floor mats to put them under the tires to provide traction on an ice surface.

17. Emergency Kit

Take a winter coat, place underwear, extra socks, gloves, scarf, snow pants, and a knit hat. There, you have a compact emergency cold outfit.

18. Reverse the Fan

Since fans circulate the air, during winter you should face them in the direction of the ceiling, so the hot air is pushed down and keep your room warm.

19. Cheap DIY De-icer

If you are not able to face your car towards the east, then you can make a mixture that will help you out. Mix 3 parts of vinegar with 1 part of water and spray your windshield. This way you will prevent ice from forming.

20. Wiper Blades

Take a soft cloth and soak in full-strength alcohol. Wipe every blade. So, even on the coldest days, your blades will function properly because the alcohol will keep them from sticking to the window.

Now, you can relax and wait for wintertime since you are all prepared.